That Old Black Magic (Ella Fitzgerald)

Alright. Since I’m not working today and tomorrow’s a public holiday, I pretty much have a lot of spare time to kill (a big deal for a 1-day off per week employee). Initially, I was contemplating taking a short overnight trip to Malacca with the family, but Fadelinah and Ooyah have yet to recover fully from their flu. That leaves spending some time at a local attraction should they be fine by tomorrow.

Ooyah woke us up early this morning at 7 and simply refused to sleep again, even after given her milk. Feeling groggy and without any good programme on television, I decided to watch this 3-VCD set documentary series ‘Percayakah Anda?’ that Ibu lent to us last night. It showcases the black magic practices in Malaysia, with snippets of shamans demonstrating their skills. I found some of them hardly convincing and was bored out of my mind halfway through watching. Perhaps the female host was putting me off with her “Sungguh ajaib kan!” and “Do you believe or not!” repetitive remarks. Any show’s credibility is bound to plummet when you have an inept and skanky host.

The boring show aside, I’ve had my fair share of witnessing black magic practices and also its consequences. My late grandfather was a very competent one taught by a Siamese. It goes without saying that everything is willed upon by God himself and human beings are just vessels for his doings. My grandfather had helped quite a few people who were charmed or placed under spells, using Quranic verses. Of course with all good deeds, the evil ones would also accompany. I’ve had an aunt who eventually died from a spell casted by her neighbour using a Bawean witch doctor, for the simple reason that she would not lent money to her neighbour. Even the local medical doctor was clueless when trying to find a source for her illness.

When my family was living in Duxton Plain, I would know whenever my grandfather was preparing for a ritual; when told to buy limes at the market. The thing is, I chose the limes like I would choose apples and oranges. It would take ages as I would inspect them for any superficial defects as though they were going to be eaten. However, they would only be cut at the sides above a bowl of water. What transpired after the lime pieces dropped into the water only my grandfather knew.

Sometimes an egg would be rolled over the body of a patient, who would then be told to throw it at a secluded spot. The ritual of throwing the egg itself is creepy, with specific instructions for the egg to be thrown behind by the patient himself and for him never to look back even if something calls him from behind. Apart from these, there were many other practices that I witnessed first hand.

Before my grandfather passed away, he wanted to pass his knowledge to his children with my mum being the prefered one since she was the eldest. Of course my mum and her siblings chickened out and only acquired some of the ‘good’ ones, that were in line with Islamic teachings. Sadly, for every practitioner there is an ‘assistant’ who will not die even if his master did. And that’s the main reason why our old kampung house in Malacca has been abandoned.

My aunt in Kuala Lumpur who wanted to collect some items fainted upon entering the house and went into a coma for 2 weeks. My mum’s friend saw an old man standing next to my mum who was invisible to her, on a day that she visited the house. Personally, the front door to the house creaked open without any gust of wind nearby as I walked towards it to take pictures. Needless to say, I ran back to the car and told my friends waiting inside to leave immediately.


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “That Old Black Magic (Ella Fitzgerald)”

  1. fulamak, this is better than any ghost stories i see lah. I got goosebumps all over!

    eeeeh.. jgn pandang belakang. real punyer

  2. Yeah … that house is creepy. Apart from the ‘assistant’, Cik Pon was also sighted near our rambutan tree a couple of times.

  3. I’ve only been here like once and wow…….ghost story even better than jangan pandang belakang. seram sey. im a sucker for horror stories. ^_^

  4. Well … you can also experience it first hand. I can pass you the address. No need to pay anything and you’ll have a personal ‘assistant’ at your disposal. Hehehe …

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