Pleased To Meet You (Sleeper)

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It was long overdue. The Blacks, Curlys and Pinky finally met up last night.

Frankly, the timing could have been better. I was rather tired since I’ve been out at project sites practically the whole day meeting contractors and designers. Initially, the meet up was scheduled for today but somebody already planned to attend a make-up lesson with an old ‘Ah Lian’, hence the earlier date. And given my crappy working hours, we couldn’t do it earlier but only after 8 pm. The venue was Suki Sushi at Paradiz Centre.

By the time Fadelinah and I arrived, the rest were already inside the restaurant. After the obligatory greetings, we bombarded the waiter with our orders. If first impression was to be counted, the waiter didn’t do a good job. He asked if Fadelinah wanted a Diet Coke when all she asked for was a Coke. Whether it was accidental or not, I couldn’t care less. I would have told him to shove the Diet Coke up his ass if it wasn’t for the fact that we had company.

The food at the restaurant was good compared to the standards of Sakae Sushi and Fiesta. My only gripe would be the scallops, which tasted funny covered in tomato. Our orders of sashimo, sashimi, sushi and hand-rolls were fresh without a doubt.

It was our first meeting with people we made friends with through blogging. Suprisingly, it went quite well with Fadelinah and Yati staying true to form by being the livewires. Gossips of course were aplenty whenever women form the majority in the group. Moby and I would just butt into their conversations once in a while, perfectly contented digging into the fine spread we had on the table.

Plenty of photographs were taken by the 2 budding photographers in the group, while I took 3 miserly shots, which explains the second picture shown that I swiped off Moby’s.

As Moby suggested, our next meeting will probably be at a Persian restaurant. Looks like the little ones will have to wait for their own meet up till we find a conducive venue.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 5, 2007.

7 Responses to “Pleased To Meet You (Sleeper)”

  1. It was a good dinner! Great food, good company. All we need now are some belly-dancing girls. Persian eh? Woohoo ….. *checks wallet* 😀

  2. persian, croatian, malaysian….whatever! i is anything. just plug me in to the nearest socket. haha!

    but next time, we’re picking up the tab hor. hopefully mr pinky can be persuaded to join us then 🙂

    p/s: i liked the scallops though…..sampai 2 i makan

  3. persian cat – Never mind … if Shiraz’s too ex, we’ll head to Banoo. Belly-dancing only happens during the weekend nights at Shiraz, if we head there on a weekday then the girls will need to do some major belly exposure.

  4. livewire – You eat scallop only mah … sishamo you scared one!

  5. Wow, meeting up with other bloggers in person. That would be very interesting and intriguing. I still think it’s fantastic that I am “chatting” with people all over the world, people I would never have met if not for this blogging.

  6. FYI, sometimes when I write comments on your site they do not appear.

  7. Yeah Suz … sometimes it’s nice to meet up with people you’ve chatted with for quite a while, especially when they share the same interest in good food. The internet is a wonderful place to be in for making friends, if you ignore those that are out to make enemies.

    Your last comment was somehow indicated as spam and routed into a separate folder. That happens sometimes in this WordPress thingie. No worries … I always check my messages even the ones inside the spam folder.

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