The Library Boogie (Tom Knight)

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We decided to get Ooyah her own library card at Jurong West Community Library last night, after a day of lazing around the house. Our first stop was their in-house cafe that serves decent iced blended coffee and tea, definitely better and cheaper than the ones we ordered at Thai Express recently.

After browsing the aisles of children books, we settled ourselves at a cozy corner with cute tiny plastic stools. Initially, Fadelinah tried reading some baby books to Ooyah but her attention was diverted somewhere else. It seemed a group of children running around nearby was much more interesting and Ooyah couldn’t help turning around, flashing her megawatt smile at them. Perhaps trying to make friends with whoever that made eye contact with her. Poor baby. She’s really friendly with strangers, a stark contrast in character to yours truly. Don’t really know if it’s a good thing entirely.

Once the coast was clear of running kids, we managed to get her interested in the books again. However, after a few minutes, Fadelinah stopped reading. Apparently, the author thought it was a good idea to name one of the characters Little Dick. Hmmm …


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 7, 2007.

8 Responses to “The Library Boogie (Tom Knight)”

  1. Lain kali bacakan citer “Moby Dick” mesti terus Ooyah zzzzz…. 😀 I haven’t been to the Jurong West one but I lurrve the one at Jurong East! However these days, I feed the bookworm with the books from National Library lah….10min walk from work.

  2. Never been to the one at Jurong East. I’m not a library person lah. I read only pamphlets in toilets mahhhhh …

  3. oh ya horrr, i is forget! maybe next time Nuha and i can go library with Fad and Ooyah together-gether….hmmmm 😀

  4. Yes … you people go and read books at Jurong West’s library. After that can drink coffee at the revamped Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

  5. I don’t read anything. I read blogs.

    Eh, Little Dick! haha! Could have been worse. It could have been called Needle Dick!

    Now that reminds me of the song by Placebo.

  6. Don’t bluff lah … your in-house library got many many books. Or shall we call it Kontol Kecil … 😛

  7. little dick? how apt for that kind of illustration. haha.
    hey..coincidentally, just brought aisyah to bishan library too. havent made any card yet though. 😀

  8. Thank God the author didn’t illustrate a real one in.

    The card entitles you to rent videos as well. Not blockbusters lah … just documentaries and childen’s stuff.

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