Thought For Food (Books)


Went across to Plaza Singapura last night to meet Ibu, Fadelinah and Ooyah. After some window shopping, we got thirsty and decided to check out Eclectic Attic, a quaint little shop that deals in European antiques and collectibles while serving English-styled High Tea and other dishes at their in-house cafe Tea Cosy.

It was quite an experience drinking Earl Grey tea and sampling their cute little cakes, placed on our antique wrought iron table while we sat on chairs that were also meant for sale. Basically every item in the store has a little price tag attached. I could have sworn my family used the same plates and cups donkey years ago, which were eventually thrown out as junk. Evidently, it is not a place to bring young children or babies with roving arms to, the store’s policy is that any item broken must be paid for. So you can imagine how I tried my best to manouvre the stroller and Ooyah around that place.

Of course tiny cakes with free flowing tea would not suffice a hungry stomach, so we headed to Mak’s Place next. This ‘hawkerant’ as they call it would usually be packed, especially after the 12th of every month when the civil servants get their pay. I do not understand the concept of only treating yourself to good food once a month when the pay packet arrives, so we generally avoid going there for about two weeks after the 12th to avoid the crowd.

While dining, a family came in with a toddler who looked around Ooyah’s age. The ‘kaypohcee’ that she is kept trying to make eye contact with the other girl and once a connection was made, they made baby talk to each other. The other girl’s mum brought her over to us and the usual ‘baby mums’ conversation started. We found out that the girl’s name was Aliya and she was exactly a year old last night. It’s funny that Ooyah’s only less than nine months old yet seem bigger than her. Anyway, we couldn’t help but take pictures of them both together.

We really need to find out about places that we can bring Ooyah to mix around and play with other toddlers.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 9, 2007.

4 Responses to “Thought For Food (Books)”

  1. Speaking of good food and tea drinking …. the Tiffin Room anyone? 😉 Curry and scones …. yumm!!

  2. Bring it on … me is love curry … curry is love me …

  3. you can come play with me, ooyah!

  4. Yippee! Ooyah got new playmate!

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