Bag Lady (Erykah Badu)


The Great Singapore Sale is taking effect on the family. Apart from the vintage Monopoly set and Renoma leather messenger bag I bought myself last week, I have refrained from purchasing anymore items. Just a few days back, the Nakamichi Soundspace 1 that I’ve been eyeing for some time was going at 20% off plus a complimentary wine chiller; not that I need the latter. I’m still fighting with my conscience not to call Peh Ling and tell her to send it over.

Someone else though has been going on a spending spree and made her first big ticket item purchase last night. I don’t get women with their fascinations for shoes and bags. The shoe cabinet at home is going to explode if another pair is chucked into it. Although it was spared last night, the wardrobe wasn’t since another new bag needed to be stored.

We went to Raffles City after I finished work, for what was supposed to be just a casual dinner. After checking out some of the restaurants in the shopping centre, we settled for the one at the basement called Arien’s, since the setting was quite nice and the water fountain next to our table seemed to enthrall Ooyah. The food served was alright although I found my Cajun chicken a bit dry, and the leafy garnish presentation didn’t help. After dinner, we thought of going to Robinsons until Fadelinah saw a sale sign at one of her favourite boutique. By the time we walked out of the door, she already bought a bag and I sold out by buying myself a hat from the same store.

I then wanted to check out The Life Shop on the third level and once again we got sidetracked, when she saw another sale sign at another boutique selling bags. Needless to say Ooyah and I were bored stiff while the sales staff replaced one bag after another for Fadelinah to view. Luckily, the range on sale weren’t as good as the one I bought her before from the same shop.

We then headed for Menotti for desserts before ending the night.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 11, 2007.

7 Responses to “Bag Lady (Erykah Badu)”

  1. You bought a hat? What kind of hat? Fedora? You’re not turning into Just-stim Timberblack are you? 😀

  2. Not a fedora lah … a bucket hat.

  3. Hmmmm….shoes huh? Well, just gotta admit I do have quite the closet full, along with many, many purses. Hubby just smiles when I arrive home with either a new pair of shoes or purse, but know he is really rolling his eyes in disbelief thinking “doesn’t she have enough?” I dunno!

  4. there is NO such thing as ENOUGH shoes or bags! 😀

  5. Suz, I reckon if a genie was to grant a woman a single wish … the first thing she request for would be unlimited supply of shoes.

    Pinky, but the wardrobe, shoe cabinet and store room have cried out “ENOUGH!”.

  6. solution: get another shoe cabinet. 😛

  7. No more shoessssss!!! Ampunnnnnn!!!

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