All Apologies (Nirvana)

I’m sorry Mr Locksmith #1. I’m sorry Mr Locksmith #2.

Yesterday, Fadelinah accidentally closed our bedroom door on the way out with the internal knob left locked, meaning a key is needed to unlock it from the outside. The thing is … the keys have been missing since a few weeks ago. So after the family came back from dinner at Mackenzie Rex, Fadelinah called for a locksmith whose number she found pasted on a nearby wall.

Around 10.30 pm a middle-aged Chinese man arrived at our main door and I let him in to try and unlock the bedroom door. He took out all kinds of instruments and set about his work. After almost an hour and still failing to open the door, the flustered locksmith called up his collleague to take over. He then left looking quite dejected. Shortly after, a younger Chinese man came by and continued from where his colleague left off. When he saw the lockset, he said that it was one of those difficult ones to crack. True enough he took quite a while to figure out the mechanism. About ten minutes into his meddling with it, I went to the first room to look for my Boctok watch.

Lo and behold! The pair of keys to that damn door were right next to the watch.

OK. The immediate action that comes to mind would be to tell the locksmith that I already found the keys right? On that instance and looking at how sweaty the locksmith was with his sheer determination to crack the lockset, I didn’t have the heart to tell him I found the keys. SO … I let him continue while the keys were tucked in my jeans’ front pocket.

Twenty minutes later, with a big ratchet and a few violent tugs, he finally managed to open the door; albeit the handle coming off and looking like it’s been crushed by a lorry. Looking at the mangled door handle, he sheepishly said it’ll cost only $30 instead of the earlier agreed sum of $45; after I asked him how much the bill was.

If only he knew that I had the keys all along, he would have probably billed me $90 and smacked my head. 😛

Once again, sorry Mr Locksmith #1, sorry Mr Locksmith #2.

If there’s a lesson to be learnt from this whole incident, it’s that Mustafa Centre sells the best locksets that can humiliate a locksmith. I originally bought the mangled one from there at only $7 and I’ll probably be heading there again soon to buy the same one as a replacement.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 13, 2007.

6 Responses to “All Apologies (Nirvana)”

  1. Wah, you jialat ah you! Wait your locksmith read this blog he lock you in from the outside ah! Hurhur!!

    *note to self*: hang spare bedroom keys in easily accessible places like the kitchen!

  2. Hehehe … I am evil and sympathetic at the same time. As punishment, I’ve been assigned diaper duties the whole day.

  3. Funny blog!

  4. Thanks for dropping by Aworan. Glad you found it funny.

  5. ahh…now if only this is a paid post. ^_^

  6. Yeah … Mustafa Centre should give me shopping vouchers!

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