Parade Of Idiots (Thrust)

If you see lots of light fixtures being displayed in a shop, most likely they do not sell ice creams. Even if you do go in and have the balls to ask them for the flavour of the day, you will most likely be glared at and be taken as a fool. Do not blame the sales people … you’re just stupid!

Time and time again idiots have been coming into the showroom asking me for the price of 2 tables and 8 chairs meant for our customers’ use and where we have meetings at. Are the kitchen display sets not big enough to tell these morons that we deal in kitchens? The parents of these @*&#%$! have really wasted their money by sending them to school. Brainless twits!

Everyday I have to put up with such crap and I’m fucking sick of it. I feel like slapping them with my dick.

And just today another one of the ‘concept-challenged’ dimwits came in asking for a ‘Balinese resort’ kitchen design. FUCK YOU! There is no such thing! I can only think of one particular set-up if you’re really into ‘Balinese kitchens’. GET A CHARCOAL STOVE AND COOK YOUR BLOODY FOOD IN THE BACKYARD!

These people are the same as those who drop terms like ‘Zen’, ‘Minimalist’ and ‘Country’ when asked to describe the style of their home decor; without truly understanding the concepts. Just because you have a freaking water fountain in your house doesn’t mean the whole decor is ‘Zen’. You want ‘Minimalist’? Throw away that chunky leather sofa you got from Cellini and replace it with plastic stools. Let’s not even go ‘Country’. The bloody contractors are clueless themselves and have been ‘designing’ ‘Country’ kitchens for customers throughout the years, but based on their own kampung kitchen set-up at home in Skudai.



~ by blackcadillac73 on June 16, 2007.

9 Responses to “Parade Of Idiots (Thrust)”

  1. *ketawa golek2 kat lantai* I know EXACTLY what you mean! I see these dimwits almost everyday too. For some reason, I always get asked whether we sell GPS equipment. And those customers who want wireless everything (konon2 nak maintain rumah Zen) never fail to piss me off! Dey, where got wireless power? Electricity don’t come out from thin air lah! Dumbass!

    Ok dah bis rant 😛 Kirim salam sama geng Mak Kangs besok!

  2. These freaking idiots who ask you for GPS and wireless equipments will be the same assholes who’ll repeatedly call you later, because they can never seem to figure out how to turn on the damn thing.

  3. I have similar idiots who give feeble excuses why they couldn’t make their credit card payments (car fell on house – you get the picture)!

  4. These idiots can really push our buttons sometimes. You just have to stop being nice to them and wake them up from their stupidity.

    How the hell did a car fall on his house anyway? Is he a stuntman of sorts? 😛

  5. Sorry – typo, should have read – tree fell on house! Kinda funny though – but you never know, maybe I will hear that excuse one day and laugh my brains out on the other end of the phone. I’m sick of hearing the dog ate the statement though or the statement fell behind the dresser and can’t pay without the statement. What do these people do – groom their hair and read their credit card statements at the same time? Hmmm…pretty flimsy to me!

  6. ‘Scue me ah … I is want to put your subjeelo flidge in my minimaris, Jen, Bari, and Phuket kitchen. Can or not ha??

  7. hey..skudai also countryside mah.

  8. lol, funny ah this post.I can go on & on abt this topic. Monitor that’s broken & they never plug in the monitor cable. Internet not working because they never settle the telco bill (pffft!) I have PC user who’s always complaining that there’s always this annoying pop-ups when they’re at certain web pages. And if they click ‘no’ then nothing happens. Page blank. those mangkuk hayuns never actually read the pop-ups! they shud have clicked ‘yes’! bongok!

  9. Suz, still better than them reading the statements while doing their ‘business’. Then you’ll hear something like “I’m sorry I can’t pay you, my water closet swallowed the statements”.

    Mo-Beng, you can go to ‘Cuchen De Enchanteur’ for those designs!

    Ibu Aisyah, that explains their ‘country’side kitchens.

    Raggedyanne, banyak pop-ups pasal surf porn kot?

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