Degradation Trip (Jerry Cantrell)

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Against better judgement, I embarked on another trip to Batam  last Sunday, this time around with the whole family in tow. I have always refrained from going back to the same place twice in a row, since it could spell overkill. Should have stuck to my guns and gone elsewhere.

We stayed at Holiday Inn yet again and in better rooms with a koi pond at our doorstep, although I had to bark at the reception staff to get them. I had made reservations four days in advance and specifically told the staff at the end of the line that I wanted 2 units of 2-bedroom family suites on the first floor facing the swimming pool; the ones that caught my eyes when we last stayed there. He confirmed them to me and I thought that was the end of that. However, upon checking in, I was given 2 units on 2 separate floors and towers. Definitely far away from the pool.

Among the things I can be really anal about is for my travel arrangements to be followed to a T. If I’m willing to fork out the money for luxury, then you better not try and shortchange me. The reception staff kept screwing up everything from issuing wrongly designated rooms, booking just a night’s stay instead of two and saying that the rooms were ready when they’re not. I opened the door to find a messy room with wet towels from the previous guest over the dining table. That so incensed me that I went back to the reception counter and fucked the guy.

We were driven by Doni (our previous trip’s chartered driver) and his friend on the first night to Mega Mall for some shopping and the must-stop J.Co Donuts & Coffee. After which, we headed to Golden Prawn 933 for a seafood feast. The restaurant is located above water and the food served was so-so. I think some of Singapore’s seafood restaurants are better. When we got back to the hotel, we adjourned to their in-house Music Box KTV for the girls’ karaoke session.

The second day was assigned specifically for shopping and Doni had secured an 8-seater MPV for the day’s use. I lost count of the number of shopping centres we were driven to. We started at 11.30 am and ended around 9.30 pm. By the fifth shopping centre, I was dead tired and ended up just waiting and smoking with Doni by the roadside, while waiting for the rest to leave.

This would probably be my last trip ever to Batam because I think I’ve seen enough of the place.

Well … at least Ooyah enjoyed this trip in which she made quite a number of friends.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 21, 2007.

6 Responses to “Degradation Trip (Jerry Cantrell)”

  1. That so incensed me that I went back to the reception counter and fucked the guy.


    anyways, welcome back!

  2. Yeah … there were tattered pieces of sarong all over the reception counter by the time I was through with him. Hehehe …

  3. I think the trip to J.Co Donuts & Coffee made it all worth it, right?

  4. I’ve had enough of J.Co donuts. Too much of a good thing ain’t good.

  5. ‘Fuck the guy’, ‘anal’ …. you ok or not? Someone flicked u again ah? Hahaha!!

    U sick of Batam? I’m sick of Bintan! Blasted Singaporean-infested Indonesian islands!

  6. I think it’s high time I go back to Malaysian islands. At least they charge in Ringgits, and not Singapore Dollars. Hhhmmm … I think I heard Redang calling my name.

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