Pick Of The Litter (The Spinners)

There can be nothing more disgusting to a man than a woman who picks her teeth while talking to him. At least to me.

One typical CCC came in with her family and enquired about one of our display kitchen sets that was on sale. While asking me about the price and other nonsensical questions, she was also busy picking her teeth with a toothpick. I tried my best not to be too near or look directly at her for fear of finding out what’s lodged between those fangs and also to avoid any flying debris. Mind you she looked no older than 40. I just can’t stand this CCC sometimes, with their wandering fingers digging into any holes available on their bodies and other disgusting habits.

Bloody hell … I dig them too but not in front of others in public.

The irony of these CCC slapping seats on public transports for fear of getting germs on their asses and the stupidity of it all sometimes when the seats slapped are hard plastic and not cushiony canvas ones. Use your blainnn!!! Use your blainnnnnn!!!

I’ve also had close encounters with other filthy CCC and given them their just desserts. One sat next to me, took out his nail clipper and quickly got down to some hardcore grime digging and nail cutting. After about 5 minutes of procrastinating, I told him off in front of the crowd in the cabin that he should get off the train if he really needed to treat himself to some ‘manicure’ and ‘pedicure’, but he better not do it near me. He finally stopped after giving me his best ‘Jet Li’ glare.

On another ride, a CCC seated next to me thought it was a fabulous idea to spread her dandruff to yours truly, by running her hands repeatedly through her hair ‘ala Farrah Fawcett. The flying dandruff were so obvious that a few passengers walked away from her. Again, after 5 minutes of waiting and hoping that she’d stop, I decided to tell her discreetly that her dandruff were landing all over me. She stopped after that but unknown to me, was preparing for a major retaliation.

Right before her stop, she purposely rubbed her hair vigorously towards me to spread whatever flakes she had on her head, thinking I would be totally dumbfounded and continue on my journey. Alas, it was also my transit stop so I coolly followed her and as she was going up the escalator, said farewell and spat at her. She looked back in utter shock while I waited for my next train.

Yes … I will stoop down to their level if they push me hard enough.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “Pick Of The Litter (The Spinners)”

  1. I am not worthy! Teach me how thy spittle flies! Show me thy ways of thy brave CCC killers.

  2. Three words … look … smile … spit.

  3. I know the fang-pickers all too well, and why to they always have to make that sound – sort of a – tongue pulling back against the teeth or between the teeth.? As for the Farrah Fawcetts, they live in all corners of the world displaying their lengthy manes. “Head & Shoulders” perhaps should have been suggested due to the dandruff, but she would have looked at you and told you where to go. Also, to her, she didn’t think she had a dandruff problem, just proud to show off the hair.

  4. You mean “chhttt … chhttt … chhttt”?

    The thing is she didn’t have Farrah Fawcett’s mane, but dandruff enough to pollute the environment.

  5. eee.. pengotornya. i asked martian a while ago, “apsal public toilet m’sia kotor? takleh ke bersih cam public toilet s’pore?” & he said sthing abt the c ppl over there hi-class, bukan cam kat mesia (i hope this doesnt turn ur blog into a racist one pulak!)

    i guess that’s not necessarily true, eh?

  6. High-class? No freaking way!

    The public toilets here may look clean due to the hardworking cleaners. Almost every time, a quick check into the toilet bowl would reveal just toilet paper covering their shit. Dah lah tak tahu cebok … flush toilet pun malas?

    Dasar CCC!

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