Drunk Baby Project (Bruce McCulloch)

baby001.jpg baby002.jpg baby003.jpg baby004.jpg

In response to Raggedyanne’s challenge, I hereby post these old photographs of yours truly. They’re 4 out of only 7 pictures in existence of me as a baby, all taken at Geylang Lorong 16; back when it was still a Malay village and not the current brothel strip.

The last one probably shows me giving the finger to my future nemesis and yes … that’s the closest you’ll get to see me doing the Full Monty.


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 1, 2007.

6 Responses to “Drunk Baby Project (Bruce McCulloch)”

  1. Your stroller looks very …. sweet, hor? Hurhur!! 😉

  2. Ellooo … look at the wheels. Got sports rims OK! Can go really fast, better than any Quinny or Maclaren. Hehehe …

  3. i see a lil bit of ooyah in the 3rd pic!

    i applaud your fearlessness, mr black, and haha, i enjoyed these immensely *right click & save*

  4. Glad that you enjoyed it. Just make sure you don’t post the last picture on some baby porn site. 😛

  5. anne ni tak habis2 dgn fetish *right click & save* dia! ish ish!

    yeah…the stroller is sweeeet 😆

  6. Kalau bongkar Anne punya computer files mesti banyak benda tak senonoh ni. Ekor cicak lah … gambar bogel cicak lah …

    Excuse me, what do you people mean by sweeeeeet huh? You people assuming something huh? Nabeyyyyyy!!!

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