Ear Candy (King’s X)

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Someone was in for a big surprise (or shall I say shock) yesterday.

Amidst all the laughters and cuddles, Ooyah had her ears pierced and adorned with solitary diamonds. Actually, I wasn’t even aware of Ibu’s and Fadelinah’s intentions until I saw them milling about B’dazzle’s counter at Jurong Point. Fadelinah’s been contemplating having it done for months but always chicken out for fear of seeing Ooyah in pain. I guess it needed someone like Ibu or Mak to be around for the whole procedure to take place.

Ooyah was smiling and laughing before the piercings as the counter staff and us tried to distract her. It took two of their staff to simultaneously pierce both her ears and a sharp cry from Ooyah, before we got to see those two sparkling diamonds on her ears. It was over within seconds and after a minute of pacifying, she was back to her usual self.

I’m glad it’s all over and done with. Now there’s absolutely no reason for anybody to think Ooyah’s a boy. Hopefully …


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 6, 2007.

21 Responses to “Ear Candy (King’s X)”

  1. poor ooyah, but she’s lucky. even aunty isn’t wearing any diamonds at the mo! lubang nak tarok subang pun takder! lol

  2. I had thought of just using those temporary earring stickers to paste on her ears, but decided against it since Ooyah might just decide to eat them instead.

  3. smart! i did nuha’s ears when she was 2months old so ppl won’t mistake her as a boy too. unfortunately….some ppl still do til this day, chet 😦

  4. These people who think our daughters are boys need to have their eyes checked, maybe even their brains. Quite a few times I’ve been asked:

    “Wahhh … so cute! Boy or girl?”


  5. Wah! Can get Tiffany earrings for Ooyah! 😉

    Eh, but nowsadays boys oso wear earrings. Ooyah mistaken for a boy? Tell me about it, man!

  6. Nahhh … we no like Tiffany’s. *pukes*

    Baby boys wear earrings? Parents Cak Rak issit?

    Stupid people cannot differentiate between sexes. They probably can’t tell betwen a hen and a cock too.

  7. Hey – Sarah looks really pretty with the earrings. I can imagine the pain though (being the Queen Wimp of pain) – poor thing.
    AND, I can totally identify with the irritation when Sarah is mistaken for a boy. Divya is mistaken for a boy lots of times. I used to get so pissed in Singapore when the bloody “Chi****” come and say “boy boy” – idiots – especially when she is dressed in pink.

  8. Wahhh … Mrs Idaho finally commented on my blog. 🙂

    Ooyah is taking to wearing earrings quite well. She would only cry when Fadelinah cleans the area around the piercings with spirit at night.

    Perhaps their traditional preference for baby boys made them so bias that they refuse to acknowledge girls as boys. Baby boys got ‘ruck’ mahhh … and also because can help to plow the fields. 😉

  9. one of the reasons i didnt pierce aisyah’s ears…the pain. i’ll feel guilty for the rest of my life! i had my ears pierced when i was small and didn’t wear any ear accessories when i reached my teens. now no more lobang in my ears liao. hehe.

    eh…ader toncet pon get mistaken ke? isk…buta ke org nih?

  10. The irony of it all is that they claim it to be painless (as indicated on their signboard). Skeptical me knew it was too good to be true. Unless they have David Blaine or Criss Angel working for them, then I’ll believe it can be done; magically at that.

  11. hehe – thank thank you for the title. I’m actually a faithful reader of your blog. I enjoy reading your run-ins with the world. I check it everytime i log in (which can be few times a day), but i’m so lazy to reply. Maybe i’m turning over a new leaf??? Mrs Idaho

  12. Reply lah … don’t shy shy one.

    You should start your own blog too … at least we can get regular updates on Divya growing up and her antics … rather than wait for your monthly e-mails. I want to see them push-ups again; been training Ooyah to do it but she gave up after just 1 try.

    As you can see, I have only about 5 regulars who check out my blog and leave replies. The other 50 or so just come in to spy and retreat without saying anything. BE A MAN! Or a woman for that matter.

    *I welcome one and all except Mr & Mrs Anonymous*

  13. Actually I’ve tried to start the blog many times but it’s just that I can’t get around to maintaining it coz of the many challenges and problems we are facing while trying to settle in. I should definitely be able to get it going in awhile. We don’t have our own computer yet – but soon.
    I’ll try not to be one of the spies anymore :). Divya is over her push-ups now, she is not into crunches.

  14. Aiyoh … Divya is too athletic for Ooyah to catch up lah.

    *places Ooyah’s hands on the pull-up bar*

  15. *I welcome one and all except Mr & Mrs Anonymous*

  16. I reckon that’s a greeting of sorts? At least it wasn’t anonymous.

  17. eh? wat telah happen to my comment? aiseh..

    ok. here goes..

    *I welcome one and all except Mr & Mrs Anonymous*

  18. ok that’s freaky.
    apa pasal saya punya comment tak appear fully ni? isk *scratches head*

  19. Black Cadillac Triangle kot?

  20. oklah.. as i was saying (for the THIRD time! sheesh.),

    *I welcome one and all except Mr & Mrs Anonymous* – ouch!
    i am guilty as charged. lol!
    been bloghopping to this blog for quite some time now, thanks to your significant other’s blogroll.. hehe
    cuma malu untuk meluahkan kata-kata..cewah!

  21. Nak malu apa sey? Ni bukan nudist colony punya blog. 🙂

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