Fade Into You (Mazzy Star)

A beautiful song dedicated to my darling wife, which is also one of her favourites. We still can’t find the missing CD although the case and sleeve are intact.


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 8, 2007.

6 Responses to “Fade Into You (Mazzy Star)”

  1. Ooyah dah gi buat main macam frisbee kot?

  2. No CD frisbees yet … but missing parts of laptop keyboard. I think she’s been blogging while we were asleep.

  3. *wipes tears away*
    Touching nyerrr…

    I’d like to think that the title of this song is ABOUT me, i.e ‘Fade(linah) into you? ‘
    Try to sing it lah…’Fa-de into youuuu…strange you never knew…..’

  4. *wipes tears away*

    (Laughing hard at the thought of you singing the song, bro!)

  5. aww…so lomantik hor! i wish zali had a blog too..hohoho 😀

  6. Deianira, I don’t sing. I dance … the chicken dance together with my partner Ooyah Baybey. You wanna see?

    Wogglestar, wait till you see our chicken dance … then you’ll be bawling.

    Zalin, if cannot ‘delicate’ through blog, can ‘delicate’ through radio mah.

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