Ten (Pearl Jam)

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2 more months and she’ll be the ripe old age of 1. That being said, she’s still celebrating her monthly birthdays courtesy of her ever loving mum. I guess being born on the same date as your mum’s pay day has its perks.

The celebration took place at Jurong Point’s Swensen’s. Frankly, I hate that restaurant. The air-conditioning has yet to be repaired since we were last there a few months ago. The food taste bland most of the time, so I thought ordering their cheesy salsa burger was a safe bet. Alas, there was no salsa going on in my mouth. Should have just skipped the food and ordered the earthquake instead.

The birthday girl was quite hyperactive last night and had to be carried away by her Tok Yah when things got too noisy. I bought her a plush toy, that of an elephant … I think the third one she’s gotten so far. Prior to meeting the family, I was searching all over Toys R’ Us and Kiddy Palace for an Elmo plush toy since Ooyah is head over heels about him, but both stores ran out of stock. Red Hot this Elmo!

A little snuggle here and a little snuggle there with her new trunked friend, it was down to the candle-blowing and cake-cutting ceremony, helped no doubt by the Swensen’s staff who sang her a birthday song.


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Ten (Pearl Jam)”

  1. (One-word comment coming up): Awwwww ….!!!

  2. Errr … that was meant for Ooyah or the Swensen’s staff? *himbo mode*

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