Moving Out (Amie Comeaux)

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Ghetto Gal was on site yesterday to brief me on the en-bloc redevelopment that is going to take place in Teban Gardens. Quite a number of dilapidated apartment blocks currently in that area will be demolished in about 4 years’ time, including her family’s. However, the residents have been given the option of moving into spanking new ones, soon to be erected at a nearby location. I reckon most of the existing units have already been fully-paid for, so moving will mean the start of another housing loan for most of them; even though discounted. Trust the Government to make sure that its citizens continue paying for public housing through the nose and die still in debt.

Anyway, the self-appointed guide for HDB ‘refreshed’ me on the area that used to be her playground, before bringing me to a nearby enclosure set-up by HDB where scale models and images of the new buildings were displayed. I got the feeling that Ghetto Gal was too enthusiastic about the whole thing, as if she was the one moving into the new place. No doubt the new apartments do look good based on the artist’s impression and with most at 40-storey heights, the top floors offer breathtaking views of Singapore’s skyline.

Her family was considering between two different-sized 4-room units and after checking the floor scale models, the smaller one would be a better choice. Why pay an additional $5000 just for a few more tile-size extension in the kitchen? On closer inspection of the building scale models, I recommended to her that a particular section of the entire development facing the golf course, offer the most in terms of scenery and accessibility, without compromising on privacy.

Nonetheless, a great improvement from the older blocks albeit smaller structurally. I had thought that Teban Gardens was one of those areas that the Government had left to rot.


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Moving Out (Amie Comeaux)”

  1. It’ll be interesting to see the new Teban Gardens. When I came back to Taman Jurong after years and years, I felt totally out of place. Everything was different!

  2. Maybe the new Teban Gardens will come with a new and improved Hantu Kum Kum. I’ve seen quite a few already that qualify, be it in public or the blogging scene.

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