Photo-Finish (Rory Gallagher)

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It was one photo shoot after another for the whole family last Friday, although not all were involved in both shoots. The first one took place at Double Up studio in IMM where Long had some shots taken in her graduation gown as remembrance of her graduation from University of South Australia. Ooyah also got in on the act with some individual shots taken by the photographer. But after a while, she started to bawl. Probably because she’s not used to someone else other than her Papa and Mama taking pictures of her.

The second one was at Dada studio in Jurong West, where a family shot was taken. Obviously, it took longer than the first studio because more people were involved and also due to fidgety Ooyah. She couldn’t seem to keep her hand out of her mouth. The couple in charge was very patient and helped to distract Ooyah long enough for proper shots to be taken. I can’t wait to see the finished pictures. More so from Dada than Double Up, because they are known to produce great pictures.

As there wasn’t enough time to have dinner, we decided to head to Carousel for supper. I didn’t know that place catered for buffet supper from 11 pm to 3 am. I guess it is targeted at those who just finished their pub and club hoppings.


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Photo-Finish (Rory Gallagher)”

  1. luv those studio backdrops 🙂

    back when carousel just opened, i think supper was till 4am if i’m not wrong. they may have shortened it now… not that popular maybe. went there a few months ago and we were the last diners [left at 1am on a sunday nite, monday morning], after which it was eerily quiet.

  2. Thanks for dropping by.

    Judging from the number of patrons last Friday night, supper at Carousel isn’t really popular. The high-tea buffet is still their main draw I guess. Anyway at $19++ per pax, the price was quite reasonable.

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