Old School (Koko Taylor)

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Following our little stand-off at Provence Bakery & Cafe yesterday, we decided to roam inside our favourite old-school Holland Village Shopping Centre. Although the place may look like it’s in need of a major revamp, I still like it the way it is, with the haphazardly displayed items on sale inside almost every store. Our first destination was Lim’s Art and Living, although we seldom buy anything from there. Most of the items seem over-priced and meant more for the clueless expatriates living around that area.

Children’s clothes are aplenty in the shopping centre though. Fadelinah basically went into every single store selling them, looking for those that suited Ooyah. She bought a few nice ones including some accessories. We also stopped by a pet store hoping to let Ooyah watch a few animals. Alas, the only ones available for viewing were a couple of guinea pigs, hamsters and 2 sorry-looking cats. One no doubt with an eye infection. The sales staff couldn’t be bothered to attend to her walk-in customers but sat at one corner of the store, more interested in talking to someone over the phone. Boyfriend perhaps? Pity the 2 cats.

Tired from all that walking, we headed for 211 Roof Terrace Cafe located obviously, on the rooftop of the shopping centre. Up till then, I didn’t know it existed. It is quite a good place for chilling out, especially for smokers. Anyway, we ordered only nachos, calamari and a couple of drinks, so I can’t really comment on the standard of the food.

It was around 5 pm by the time we finished. Still early so off to Vivocity we went. I think that place really takes a toll on one’s legs. The only other shopping centre to have rendered me with weaker lower limbs was Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur.


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 26, 2007.

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