The Simpsons Movie (Hans Zimmer)

Most cinemas throughout Singapore offered sneak previews of The Simpsons Movie last night. We grabbed our chance at Jurong Point’s Golden Village theatre. It was actually a last minute thing since I managed to come home early after passing some ordered items to my client at Royal Plaza on Scotts.

The movie opened with a great punchline from Homer Simpson as he ridiculed the movie viewers themselves for bothering to pay and watch something that was actually free on television. Even Green Day cameoed and contributed to the opening track.

Watching the movie was like watching an extended version of The Simpsons cartoon episode. Nothing really spectacular on screen and some parts of the movie appeared blurry, the same kind of effect as when you try and enlarge a 640 by 480 pixels picture to double its size. Maybe I expected too much after having seen the likes of Happy Feet and Monster House.

For what it’s worth, it was an entertaining movie although one asshole a few seats away from us was too generous with his sense of humour. He laughed at almost eveything even though some weren’t even meant to be funny. The worst part was when he kept saying out loud words that appeared on the screen. The word ‘Eski-Moe’s’ would come out on screen and he would go “Eski-Moe’s! Hahaha!”. And when any of the characters did something crazy as what is expected of them, he would go “Wahlau! Hahaha!”. I can read and understand the movie idiot! So do the rest in the theatre. We don’t need your help.

There’s always one in every movie theatre, that’s partly the reason why I prefer watching DVDs in the privacy of my own home. The latest movie they may not be but at least I don’t have to put up with such morons.

Luckily, we stayed put in our seats for the closing credits and got to see Maggie say her first word, an important one no doubt for The Simpsons fans.

~ by blackcadillac73 on July 27, 2007.

6 Responses to “The Simpsons Movie (Hans Zimmer)”

  1. Now that you’ve given the review for the Simposons, I don’t think I’ll be watching it. But I am waiting for Harry Potter hehe – probably not your cup of tea. But the problem is, who looks after Divya while Elan and I watch it??? I guess Elan will have to sacrifice hehehe.

  2. If you’re brave enough, you may try and sneak Divya into the theatre. We know for sure somebody did at last night’s screening. The loud cry was a dead giveaway. Hehehe …

  3. Awww… sorry to hear that 😦 A potentially good movie experience spoiled by an idiotic audience. I hate it when it happens to me. In the US, they have a commercial right before the movie starts that says, “Please keep your comments to yourself.” And trust me, over there, the audience is WORSE [esp when a lot of pak hitams dominate the theatres, they compete with each other with their unwanted smart comments].

    Anywho, I will still go see the movie. Maybe in 3 weeks’ time when everyone’s watching Potek. 😀

  4. The lame ass was actually pissing quite a few people in the theatre. It must have been his first time watching a movie I think. So suaku!

    3 weeks dah nak basilah … go and watch it at some cinema away from the maddening crowd. A good low-key cinema would the one at Great World City.

  5. That asshole should probably read my post on movie-watching etiquette. Someone brought a crying baby to the cinema eh? Probably should get some tips from more ‘experienced parents’ who like to bring young toddlers to the movies. 😉

  6. Pray tell what ‘drugs’ you used? 😛

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