Tagged & Bagged (Murder Corporation)

My first tag … shissshhh.

4 Jobs In My Life

Rubber Cutter – No. I didn’t work in some rubber plantations in Malaysia. I don’t tap rubber off trees, just pee on them sometimes. Back when I was in secondary school and I didn’t want to follow the rest working in some fast-food restaurants. I got paid $125 weekly for cutting square-shaped rubber blocks into small pieces with a chopper, which were eventually boiled by a senile old man for us to put the wet and smelly after-product through some kind of press machine, that was then cut again and delivered next door where it was produced into another set of rubber blocks. Go figure. I accidentally sliced part of my left thumb during that period and the scar is still evident till today. This same company also produce Vitagen and golf balls. I hope those rubber blocks were for the golf balls.

Draughtsman – I joined a multi-national architecture firm straight after graduating with an architecture diploma. I came in at 8.30 am and although the work hour officially ended at 5.30 pm, the staff tried to sneak out everyday as over-time was expected of everyone. It was a no-brainer job but the pay was good. I got to spend my money like crazy and even managed to pay my way through another diploma and almost an architecture degree. Alas, I jumped ship when the architecture field spiralled downwards 2 years later.

Interior Designer – Equipped with an interior design diploma, I worked for a few interior design firms before realising how fickle the industry was. Working for shady local companies didn’t help matters.

Kitchen Designer – 8 years in this line and still continuing, for the time being at least.

4 Countries I’ve Been To

Malaysia / Indonesia / Thailand / Italy

4 Of My Favourite Food

Ikan Bakar / Sup Tulang / Steak / Satay

4 Places I’d Rather Be At Now

Snorkelling off the beach of Pulau Redang / Exploring the ancient ruins of Rome / Hugging every fuzzy character in Sesame Street / Kissing Ooyah’s ‘shmelly’ head at home

Friends Dead People  To Tag

Adolf Hitler / Harry Houdini / Alphonse Capone / Elvis Presley


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