Vote For Me (Uncommonmenfrommars)

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PAP’s new nominated MP for Jurong West visited a local kindergarten together with her entourage last Friday. The agenda was to introduce herself to the pupils as well as to garner more support for the political party.

She was met with curious looks when she tried warming up to them outside the kindergarten, maybe because she wasn’t wearing the party’s signature hat. Unperturbed, she engaged in small talk with a few of them while they were having their lunch and slowly gained their trust.

Perhaps concious of the media that was surrounding her, she had an impromptu counselling session with one of them, the son of an expatriate from Myanmar who didn’t feel that the food served was suited to his taste. A minute later, the MP promised him that his complaint would be attended to and an urgent press conference was held there and then. Right before the pupils and media, she gave a patriotic speech and promised that as the new nominated MP, she will create solutions for all their problems and vowed to bring The Teletubbies to Singapore, as a reward for their hospitality. The crowd went wild and gave a rousing applause and standing ovation.

They then asked the MP to join them for a sing-a-long session as a show of solidarity for the party. Being a good sport, she obliged although was seen looking back once in a while to make sure nobody was mimicking or making a fool of her. The occasion ended with great fanfare and as the pupils left the kindergarten, every one of them was presented with door gifts of a packet of peanuts and Neon Worms.

~ by blackcadillac73 on July 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “Vote For Me (Uncommonmenfrommars)”

  1. Eh? I thought the teletubbies are already in Singapore? Oh wait … those are a different race of teletubby. Hehe! 😉

  2. Please do not insult the ‘real’ teletubbies. Eh Oh!

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