Barney’s Talent Show (Barney)

A brand new talent quest show made its television debut last Thursday, right after the National Day celebration. ‘Live The Dream’ it’s called and meant to be a platform for people from all walks of life irregardless of age to showcase their talent. A brilliant idea since Singapore Idol favoured only the young. But can someone please enlighten me why MISS INDON is in it?

She already won the Anugerah crap that unveiled so-called Malay talents yet still feel the need to win this one too? Has her financial status took such a tumble that she has to rob others off their chance to win? Quite a few of the contestants are lounge singers and it’s perfectly alright if they need their big break into stardom, but not when they already won a similar competition before. Give others a chance lah!

You’re not that talented anyway and you remind me of a dangdut singer. Does the name Endang Estaurina ring a bell? Maybe Anak Mamak’s routine is rubbing off on you. Project your face everywhere even if it’s not pretty. Miss Bee Cheng Hiang is one of the host … perhaps you can get tips from her as well.

What the hell is going on in MediaCorp?


~ by blackcadillac73 on August 11, 2007.

12 Responses to “Barney’s Talent Show (Barney)”

  1. i don’t get it either!!! but then i’ll enjoy watching her NOT win.

  2. She stated acting as her hidden talent in the show’s interviews of the contestants. Perhaps she’s hoping the producers of Lifeline2 will let her be Joakim Gomez’s sugar mummy through her exposure in Live The Dream.

  3. *LOL* I should’ve joined this, but then it’s such a waste of time – auditions, rehearsals, etc, and then get backstabbed by other contestants… aiyah, the same ole same ole by the same ole fakes. Don’t think it’s worth the effort. Furthermore, too many talent competitions, and a few months later, u wonder where the winners are. That Indon woman is a great example. I guess it tells us that after winning the Anugerah, it’s not enough to get her career started. Maybe she’ll get some attention back at her home, but SG…? Our local talents are struggling!!! Think an Indon is going to make a difference…? Uh-uhhhh… Even with her ‘meneran’ style of singing is not enuf to get our attention.

    *LOL @ dangdut* Even Endang Estau-watshername is just a 15 minute wonder.

  4. She better not win the contest! If she wins, there’ll be a new wave of music invasion. All the Rhoma Irama and Hetty Koes Endang wannabes will come out in full force I tell you.

  5. She won’t win lah! Come, place your bets …..

  6. There are a lot of skanky people supporters out there. She might just win with their help … yet again.

  7. Only stupid people will waste their money on her. SMS voting is not free, right…

  8. If stupid people don’t waste their money, the skanky people will never get their shot at showbiz. It takes 2 to tango.

  9. filipinos also got ley.
    this show…anything goes.

  10. I don’t mind anyone winning it except for Miss Indon.

  11. so what happened, did she get thru? i didn’t watch 😀

  12. Errr … I didn’t watch either. I’ll try and watch it next week to see if she got through.

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