Beneath These Fireworks (Matt Nathanson)

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We were at One Fullerton last evening to watch the fireworks. It was a last-minute thing as I was still down with a slight flu but felt that Ooyah might like it due to her constant fascination with lights. The whole family reached there around 8.45pm only to see that a large crowd had already gathered. The good spots and al fresco dining sections of the nearby restaurants were already taken, so we had to make do viewing the fireworks from the edge of One Fullerton.

Quite a number of families there made us realise that we had forgotten to bring something important … a mat. While they sat on their mats enjoying their mini-picnic, we had to stand throughout the whole thing. The fireworks was supposed to start at 9pm but nothing happened even after fifteen minutes later. Just when we thought it wasn’t a good idea to come after all, the night sky was suddenly lit up by the first burst of fireworks. A barrage of colourful fireworks followed suit leaving the spectators enthralled. Ironically, Ooyah was quite frightened by the loud bursts and was trembling. I’m not too sure if the other babies around her felt the same way too.

Like all good shows, the finale had to end dramatically. What a sight!

After the fireworks, we stopped by Lau Pa Sat for satay and rojak.

~ by blackcadillac73 on August 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Beneath These Fireworks (Matt Nathanson)”

  1. At least u got some pretty good shots compared to mine 🙂

  2. Actually, fireworks are quite easy to photograph. The timing is all that matters I guess. My pictures are always taken with my ciplak camera phone … so always grainy. Hehehe …

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