Visiting Hours (Bill Young)

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I joined Fadelinah and Ooyah at Jarrod’s and Geetha’s place last night after work. It’s been a while since we met up and Fadelinah also wanted to pick the items she had asked Geetha to buy and bring back from Michigan. Basically Coach bags for Ibu, Long and Fizah. I, on the other hand, wanted only the original Michigan Red Wings T-shirt and cap. The customised jersey was a tad pricey for me. Maybe next time.

By the time I arrived, Ooyah had already made a mess of their place and after dinner, continued doing so on their bed as well. The little cheeky monkey is getting to be a handful these days.

She only stopped her bawling when Fadelinah and Geetha started their ‘jam session’ with Jarrod playing the guitar, to the tunes of The Cranberries and Simon & Garfunkel. Ooyah seems to be musically-inclined judging from her actions when hearing music and her mum already has intentions of sending her to Yamaha Music School when she’s older. It’s fine by me as long as she has the passion for it. I’d love for her to learn and play the piano. The next Tori Amos perhaps.


~ by blackcadillac73 on August 19, 2007.

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