A Fierce Pancake (Stump)

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I’ve come to believe that any eateries promoted on television are the worst. Even if they used to churn out delicious meals, a curse will somewhat befall them once they get featured on the tube, leading to mediocrity. The latest culprit … Mr Prata formerly known as Prata Cafe along Evans Road. Supposedly one of the top 5 prata places in Singapore, they serve them 24 hours along with other Indian and Western meals.

The whole family was driving aimlessly last night looking for a place to have dinner and Fadelinah suggested we visit the place since she saw it being highly recommended on a television programme. It is located in the old Eusoff College next to NIE and I remember the building it’s in used to be empty for a long while and even heard stories about its invisible ‘occupants’. When we reached the place, basically all the tables were occupied and quite a few others were waiting at the sides for any of them to finish. A good indication of good meals served. Or so I thought.

The bottomline is … Mr Prata has bad service staff and the food is tasteless. Fancy being named one of the best around and yet serving meals not fit to be called Indian. The mee goreng tasted bland and the roti prata’s curry wasn’t spicy. Maybe they were tailored for the expatriates and spice-shy Chinese. There doesn’t seem to be any good place to have roti prata in Singapore. The ones along Jalan Kayu tend to rip you off with minuscule-sized ones charged higher than the standard prices and many are churning out roti pratas with different flavours and fillings when they can’t even get the basic ones right.

Bloody hell! It’s times like these that make me miss the roti canai places in Malaysia. Make it simple. A big, hot and crispy roti prata served with spicy curry and ikan bilis chilli thrown in for good measure. No banana + mushroom + strawberry + mayonnaise + chocolate + cheese fillings!


~ by blackcadillac73 on August 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “A Fierce Pancake (Stump)”

  1. I don’t get all the crap they put in prata these days. Next time what …. prata donuts? Prata fondue?

    What’s wrong with some good ol’ fashioned plain or egg prata, ya?

  2. The traditional ones are still the best. The only fusion pratas I ever liked were those found along the streets of Koh Samui. Now those were to die for.

  3. i dun get it either. i dun trust those tv ads or food reviews. food taste is very subjective. what you like may not be what i like and vice versa. but prata with cheese and whatnots? i’ll stick with plain prata and egg prata only.

  4. You’ve probably seen certificates from Makansutra and the likes prominently displayed in front of some stalls and restaurants stating their’s being the best, yet the food usually taste crappy. I wonder if there was any bribery involved or the host is a close friend.

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