Coffee Culture (Stephanie Sante)

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Miele started the first of a series of training sessions for UKF’s staff yesterday. Basically, every session covered an individual appliance to better equip the team in their products’ knowledge and sales. It started at 9.30 am and ended around 1 pm. Waking up to attend the affair was a drag since I’m not used to waking up earlier than 9 am.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Bing, Hwee Hwee, Kellin and Trudi with a breakfast spread already prepared for us. While having breakfast, Trudi got things going by introducing a coffee tasting session using grounds from Guatemala, Ethiopia and Indonesia. I’m not a coffee fan so never really bothered to taste the differences before. The coffee appreciation method is almost similar to that of wine. The one from Guatemala had a cocoa after-taste due to most of the coffee being grown alongside cocoa plantations. The ones from Ethiopia and Indonesia tasted earthy and lemony respectively. Most of us agreed that the last one tasted the best, perhaps due to familiarity.

The different grades of coffee beans were also touched upon. It seems there is no true test for any company to claim theirs is the best. Every company has a different method of processing the beans and the location of the plantation plays a part too, contributing to the different taste. The only standard rule-of-thumb is that good coffee beans are normally darker and leave an oily base. The local-produced ones are usually mixed with butter to hide their inferiority.

Miele’s latest coffee machine’s features were also introduced with some live demonstrations on making coffee and frothing milk with the right settings. It is true that espresso needs to be drank quickly after being pressed. Seeing the ‘body’ of the espresso disappear within a few seconds highlighted the fact that you can never get a perfect espresso from Starbucks and the rest, with the long wait before tasting your order.

Interesting session but too many things to remember for a good cup. I think I’ll stick to my hot chocolate.


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