Computer World (Kraftwerk)

I guess the place is still packed today with throng of people trying to get the best deals pertaining to computers and other electronic gadgets. Nice timing for the fair since most would have just received their pay.

I love electronic stuff and always marvel at what the latest has to offer, but going to these computer fairs is a bitch. True to form, I found myself stuck in the middle of the pack yesterday, climbing a non-working escalator as one slow ass in front chatted happily with her friend, oblivious to those who are trying to get ahead behind her.

The fair was crowded as expected and I quickly made my way to HP’s big booth, with only two things in my mind. HP’s Tablet PC TX1222AU and iPaq 512, both available at heavily discounted prices for students. I know … I’m not one but Fadelinah is and she wanted to get the laptop to replace the old one which I ‘accidentally’ dropped and smashed the base corners. The phone was for me and I get to use her old laptop. So I now have my company-owned Acer Travelmate for designing and Sony Vaio for putting my rubbish in. 🙂

Having a wife who’s a student does have its perks.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 1, 2007.

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