Long Black Line (Spencer Bohren)

ddl001.jpg ddl002.jpg ddl004.jpg ddl003.jpg 

The Black Line series from De Dietrich was finally unveiled last Wednesday night at Swissotel’s Equinox. I almost didn’t  turn up for the launch if not for one helpful Isetan staff who ironed my purchased shirt after high tea at Carousel.

Like the rest of the guests, upon my arrival at the entrance, I was made to stand between 2 Caucasian ladies in Victorian garb for a picture to be taken. It was an elegant smart black affair with a guest list made up of developers, architects, designers and De Dietrich representatives who flew in for the event. Vivien Tan was the host for the night with 1 Michelin Star Chef, Michel Portos, taking centrestage demonstrating his culinary skills. While we indulged in his food samples served on trays by the waiters, most were also taking in the breathtaking view of the city from the 69th storey private dining room.

The live harp-playing was then stopped as the dark curtains were drawn to reveal the latest De Dietrich models. Black was indeed the colour of the night as almost all the appliances had glossy black facades and definitely suited to match glossy black kitchens. I eventually left around 9 pm and headed for Cafe Le Caire to join the family for ‘real’ food.

At 9 am the next morning though, I was back at the same venue for their trade presentation and product training, which was a dull affair that lasted till 4 pm. It felt almost like attending a class lecture save for the lunch and tea breaks. There was also a feedback session pertaining to the possibility of using branded crystals for the appliances’ facades. Quite a mix reaction on that so I’m not too sure if the idea will see the light of day.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 8, 2007.

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