One (U2)


Happy birthday sayang.

Exactly a year ago around this time, Papa was scrambling getting your Mama to the hospital to have you delivered. Waiting for your arrival was an amazing experience, let alone holding you in our arms for the first time.

Now you sleep snugly within your sheets … in a few hours you’ll be showered with joy and gifts from everybody close to you, who adore you and love you with all their hearts.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “One (U2)”

  1. Time flies huh? Happy belated birthday to the kiddo!

  2. Time flies indeed. I wish I can keep rewinding her whole year repeatedly … then I thought about the poop and diaper changing … maybe not a good idea. 😛

    Ooyah says thank you belly much.

  3. Happy birthday to Ooyah!

    That would be my perfect birthday gift! A whole day of uninterrupted sleep! Just me and my darling pillow. Ahhhh …! 😀

  4. Your darling pillow also has an integrated world atlas like hers too? Some countries slightly smellier than the rest?

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