Happy Birthday Girl (Spearmint)

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What a day it’s been for the little one.

Her birthday celebration was a small family affair as we didn’t think she’d be prepared for a big one with friends and relatives till she’s at least 3. I was busy shopping for her gifts in the morning at Jurong Point’s Toys R’ Us and Kiddy Palace, to the point that a Chinese woman asked me where to get an item on the catalogue, thinking that I was a staff there with my stack of toys. I even grabbed some birthday decorations and props, hoping to imitate David Tuturo, The Party Planner. Not too bad a job I must say, given the amount of time I had. The balloons were blown a tad tiny though, due to fear of another one exploding right in my face as what had happened earlier.

With party hats on and noisemakers blown, Ooyah with assistance from Mak, cut her little chocolate cake. Gifts were then presented to her, starting with a push-along tricycle Mak and Bak bought her. Fadelinah then helped unwrapped her own gift to Ooyah, that being a stack of books for toddlers, including one from our favourite, Raymond Briggs. I gave her the elusive life-size Elmo and a bubble-making machine. I’ve been searching high and low for the former for months and as if by fate, Toys R’ Us started selling them yesterday. As for the latter, I’m not too sure if Ooyah would enjoy it, but her Papa sure would. 😛

It was uncanny that Fadelinah’s friend, Shikin, bought her an Elmo as well. A smaller one that can do the Hokey-Pokey; which I originally wanted to buy until I saw the bigger furry one. Luckily I didn’t.

In the evening, we went out with the family for dinner at the nearby Sakura International Buffet inside Jurong West Stadium. Coincidentally, the Singapore national football team was having a friendly match with UAE, with free entry for spectators. Perhaps next time we can drop by to watch a match. The buffet spread was definitely much more than that you’d find in places like Carousel although the food quality wasn’t up to much expectations. Nonetheless, a nice thought that such a place exist in our own backyard.

Ooyah was already snoozing as we were finishing our meals in the restaurant, thus there wasn’t really an opportunity for the family to present their gifts to her but passed them to us instead, including one from Long’s friend, Serena. Ironically, the moment we placed her on our bed upon reaching home, the cheeky monkey woke up and laughed in delight at the sight of more gifts surrounding her. What else was there to do but commence the gift presentation yet again.

Among all the gifts, she was especially fond of the birthday card Long made for her which had Ooyah’s newborn face on it. She kept hugging it repeatedly and mumbling things to it. We have no idea what she said but it sounded cute.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 13, 2007.

9 Responses to “Happy Birthday Girl (Spearmint)”

  1. for a small family celebration, you sure make it sound like a grand affair! happy happy birthday ooyah!

  2. banyaknyaaa ooyah punya presents!!!
    she sure looked like she enjoyed her birthday party 🙂

  3. Raggedyanne, first child mahhh … so our small family celebration got a little bit out of hand. Ooyah says thank you and don’t forget to parcel her gift of a box of cupcakes. 😛

    Zalin, she enjoyed birthday party and the presents on and off … the rest of the time she was enjoying her naps.

  4. Mana gambar daddynye pakai party hat? 😀

  5. Daddy dia dah pakai party hat ngan nose-glasses, tapi Ooyah freak out so tak jadi ambik gambar.

  6. hepi berfday, ooyah! as usual, im always late. hehehe.
    but here’re some smooches and hugs to you from me and kakak aisyah. *muaaacks!* presen basikal mesti standard from grandparents. aisyah also got hers from her nenek+atok. hehe.

  7. Just typical of them to outstage the rest by giving the biggest gift possible eh?

  8. happy belated birthday ooyah!! 🙂

  9. Ooyah said thank you belly much!

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