Steam (Peter Gabriel)

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UKF’s staff attended Miele’s second product training session last Thursday morning; covering their steam oven range. Undoubtedly, the steam oven has been gaining popularity among our clients to the point of even replacing the microwave oven. Just to show how effective it was, broccoli flowers and Chinese pau were heated up using 3 different methods; by microwave, steaming over the wok and in the steam oven.

The broccoli flowers from the microwave oven came out looking all dried-up and shriveled with the stalks even burnt and the Chinese pau basically exploded with the filling heated up to a crust. The ones from the wok and steam oven came out looking almost the same, but the texture and taste was entirely different; definitely better from the steam oven with most of the protein intact.

Trudi also made beef stew in another one of their steam ovens that works almost the same way as a pressure cooker. Cooking time was almost halved compared to the standard method. Ironically, it was their very first steam oven model produced almost 20 years ago and only re-introduced this year with the professionals in mind. Apart from beef stew, she also made egg custard. Since I was fasting, I had to forego the dishes that Trudi produced in the steam ovens while the others tucked in. It is no fun looking at good food before your eyes and not be able to eat it.

While we were making our exit after the session, Trudi called me over and passed a wrapped present from Bing and Hwee Hwee. Jeff and Jacqueline also did not want to be outdone and passed me another big gift in the showroom. Just when I thought Ooyah had gotten too many gifts on her birthday, there were another two for me to bring back for her.

The little one was so smittened by her surprise birthday gifts that night.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 15, 2007.

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