Let’s Ride (The Game)

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I took Ooyah out on her maiden ride around the atrium below our block this afternoon. The weather was just right and there was not many people around; being a working day for most. She enjoyed it very much and we even stopped by the children’s playground, where I let her have a go at some of the facilities. She was too tiny to enjoy the slides but was enthralled enough just rotating the steering wheels on the playground’s deck. But what excited her most was when a group of older children came by and played hide and seek among themselves. Her head was looking left and right trying to see who was hiding where as if she was playing the game as well. As usual, she reserved her widest smile for a Chinese boy who was hiding behind her. *slaps forehead*

After a while, I decided to let her ride back home as the sun’s heat was getting a bit unbearable. However, Ooyah still wanted to ‘play’ with the rest of the children and started to bawl when I tried placing her back in her tricycle. It took a few more laps around the atrium with occasional stops in front of the children before she had enough so that we can return home.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 27, 2007.

3 Responses to “Let’s Ride (The Game)”

  1. Next time Ooyah can ride on a Hello Kitty vespa! 😀

  2. Mcm gini bleh pi riding2 dgn kakak aisyah..but i tink ur bike lagi up sket…ader payong sey.

  3. Moby, she is no like Hello Kitty … Elmo Vespa maybe.

    Ibu Aisyah, camni boleh ajak race lah … kalau hujan boleh duduk bawah payong bike Ooyah.

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