Late Night Shopping (Autokat)

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Our preliminary Hari Raya shopping got under way late last night at Geylang Serai, after checking out Salvatore Ferragamo’s sale at Takashimaya. The main intent was to source for baju kurungs for Ooyah and yours truly, although I really couldn’t be bothered to buy something that I hardly wear more than twice a year. Besides, my old baju kurung is still in good condition and I was producing too much ‘Tao Suan’ through my nose.

The lights along Geylang Road, sponsored by Sensasi, are definitely better this year compared to those from previous ones and the bazaars seem bigger. Most of the products on sale though seem like old-stock from last year’s. The crowd was a varied bunch as usual, the makciks haggling the pakciks to buy curtains and biscuits, the pakciks ogling at the minahs displaying their longkangs, the minahs trying to figure out which mats look more Anak Metropolitan, the mats still thinking if they have enough money for cigarettes after buying their Lois jeans.

By the end of the night, we ended buying 1 blouse for Fadelinah, 2 baju kurungs for Ooyah, a few cushion covers, a couple tubs of biscuits for both households and a pack of deng-dengs. I still have not bought my baju kurung nor the decorative lights I had thought of grabbing.

Looks like another trip needs to be planned.

~ by blackcadillac73 on September 29, 2007.

9 Responses to “Late Night Shopping (Autokat)”

  1. Ehh 3rd picture….did you guys end up buying Ooyah’s baju there? I think that’s the same stall I got Nuha’s one from 😆

    I think you’re right about the stock looking like it was from last year’s (except the kuihs i hope 😕 ) We need to make another trip too..sigh. Did you get any dengdengs?

  2. That was the first shop we went to look for her baju kurung and almost bought one there. Instead, we bought hers at another shop a few metres away.

    We got them deng-dengs, but not from the oil-soaked one which I’m still looking for. Oh Abang Deng-Deng Power … where oh where can you be?

  3. Lois jeans go well with fake Converse. The perfect Raya outfit for the modern mat. Complete the look with a fake leather fanny pouch (slung over one shoulder) and kain samping (slung over the other shoulder). 😀

  4. If all else fails, the modern mat would probably head for the local night markets for Louis jeans, but blanco off the letter U just in time for Hari Raya. Fanny pouch? Hhmmm … I won’t even go there.

  5. Hey Ramli
    Could you ask Fadelinah if she’d be able to go to my mum’s place today to pick up the gifts I sent for Sarah? My mum’s number is 97415414.

  6. wahhh…i can’t wait to serbu geylang..
    rindu sey..

  7. Nanti balik Singapore serbulah puas2. 😛

  8. Was it really, really crowded? I’m not good with crowds. Hi, just thought I’d stop by – been a little while. Been so busy writing and writing for my other blogs. I notice you stop by and I thank you for your support. Miss you. Suz

  9. It’s always crowded in Geylang, especially approaching the end of Ramadan. Back to back sweaty shoppers bargaining for almost everything to celebrate Hari Raya with … something I don’t think you’ll ever see in Canada.

    No wonder your blog hasn’t been updated for so long.

    Pray tell where your other blogs are. 🙂

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