Fast Love (George Michael)

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Breaking fast at home is always better than having to do it outside, especially when there is good food waiting. Due to my working hours, fast food from Plaza Singapura tend to be the only ones I face while waiting for the prayer call, before heading home for real food. I am blessed though when it comes to eating wholesome home-cooked food that’s delicious, surrounded by women who are not only able to cook but do it to perfection; notably Mak, Ibu and Fadelinah. Be it traditional Nasi Padang, Indian or Western. Darn it … my late grandfather was a famous cook so it’s only right that his descendants inherit his skills. Hopefully, Ooyah will pick it up as well.

Short of being a male chauvinist, it is always a nice surprise, after a long day at work, to come home to dinner prepared by my wife. Considering that she is always occupied either with her schoolwork or tending to Ooyah, I don’t expect her to cook but always appreciate it when she does. Sometimes I unknowingly express my desire to eat something and she will actually try her best to prepare it. My cravings don’t last for long. The menu for today is Roasted Black Pepper Chicken with buttered vegetables, which will put Kenny Rogers’ Roasters to shame, and on top of that, Nasi Lemak and agar-agar. 

Although some men have taken the roles of the house cook, I simply cannot fathom why some women tend to ignore totally the need to learn the skill. Lest they’re living the jet-setting high life attending to meetings all over the world, cooking a decent meal for the family should at least be managable by any woman’s standard. Even if she can’t cook well, at least trying to is commendable. Not simply claim she can’t cook to save her life and relying on restaurants and cafes for good food. For goodness sake, even I can handle cooking and baking when I’m in the mood to conjure something after glancing at something sinfully tempting in a cook book. It’s not rocket science … though laziness can be detrimental.

One thing’s for sure Ooyah is going to be one child who’s not going to be deprived of tasty home-cooked food prepared by her mother and grandmothers, unlike some children who look longingly (like ‘budak jelat/ jakun’) and resort to swallowing their own saliva because their mums just can’t be bothered.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 30, 2007.

10 Responses to “Fast Love (George Michael)”

  1. I have to agree with you here, bro. The way to a man’s heart has always been, and will always be through his tummy. There’s nothing like a good home-cooked meal, prepared lovingly by the women in our lives, no matter how simple it is. Best!

  2. Simple food is miles better than no food at all, especially when prepared painstakingly by our wives.

  3. lucky Ooyah! i think these days the “dunno how to cook” excuse cannot use already lah. what with the ready-made instant mixes and all. antara nak dengan tak nak and sedap dengan tak sedap jer 😆

  4. Whether the food prepared is delicious or not … the effort put in by any woman for her family speaks volumes. Those ready-made instant mixes are godsend for clueless wannabe cooks, even children can do it.

  5. haha, my face goes all read lar reading this post! at least i tried ah, but each time i try to cook, my know it all hubby likes to shoot my effort down la. how to get motivated like this?

  6. That post was in no way targeting you, but for some people who are just too lazy.

    We all know of your adventures in the kitchen and I even asked you to send them down to Singapore. Remember?

    Sampai sekarang tak dapat2 … kempunan aku!

  7. Truly true..heh!! At least they need to prove that they have tried to cook for us. Then, if u condemned the meals, it’s u r fault if they didn’t wanna cook again.

  8. Indeed … if you complain after your wife has cooked for you, then you should get ready to be the local Mamak’s stall best friend.

  9. adoilaa, i know la i’m not the target 😀 but all those requests to send my botched cooking down to s’pore, you nak amik hati ajer i tau.

    eh anul & black, can u guys go talk to martian can or not? i didn’t cook single thing the whole ramadhan save for rice, eggs & nunu’s meals.

  10. Rice and egg? Kurang satu lagi … kicap manis. Baru powerrr!

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