Sub-Zero (The Hate Squad)

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UKF’s staff attended Sub-Zero’s training session yesterday at Kitchen Culture, conducted by the brand’s own American specialist. It was quite an informative session covering the various technical aspects of installation and maintenance. Frankly, most of the time when these units were installed in my clients’ homes, I left it to Chea to figure out the installation procedure. The only things I try to adhere to are the specified locations of the water inlet and power point, knowing fully well that I will bear the brunt from my clients if they’re not positioned correctly and eventually not be able to be pushed flush with the wall with allowance for maintenance.

So far, I have only used the stainless steel models. The framed and overlay models have yet to be proposed and hopefully no prospective clients would want to have them. Installing them are tricky affairs. Anyway, they’re not that popular locally since most want the Sub-Zero logo to be seen rather than have it hidden behind door panels. Typical … when so much money have been paid for one.

Wolf’s upcoming range was also touched upon, with the new look more in line with the sleek facade adopted by other European brands. I still prefer the industrial look of the existing range though, the new ones are too ‘soft’. More Puppy than Wolf.

Both websites have also been revamped with online help available for designers and end-users, including 3D Cad drawings. Definitely less hassle when planning them in. Meanwhile, I am still waiting for the chance to incorporate Sub-Zero’s latest Pro 48 model into a project.


~ by blackcadillac73 on October 18, 2007.

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