Two Day Visit (Saucepan Heroes)

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We reciprocated Cik Yati’s family Hari Raya visit by going to their place in Hougang yesterday. Reached there around 3pm and stayed for the next 4 hours just chatting while Ooyah amused us with her ever-curious ways in tasting every single cookie laid on the table and making a mess in the process. She even had a go at the roti jala, short of tasting the spicy peanut sauce. Adventurous she may be but there are limits.

Hafiz was dead tired and remained asleep for most of the time while we there, after returning from his ‘3-day camp’ organised by his school for the ‘not-so-obedient’ students. Trust the education system to draft students into military-style camps for discipline way before NS. He managed to get out early due to good behaviour while the rest had to continue their phase. The bloody camp is bound to be run by socially-inept airheads who get their kicks bossing kids around. Imagine being made to go without sleep and bask in mud, and when eventually asleep from exhaustion … have cold water thrown as a wake-up call. All these a few days after Hari Raya mind you. Only God knows what I would love to do to these bastards.

I digressed … sorry.

Upon bidding our farewells, Fadelinah, Ooyah and I then headed to Whitesands Shopping Centre while Bak and Mak headed home. After a coffee break at Coffee Club and a round of window-shopping, we joined the family to continue the rest of our Hari Raya visits. We visited Nek Teh’s family in Pasir Ris, followed by Cik Yim’s family in Tampines. There was a new addition to Nek Teh’s family and Ooyah stayed nonchalant trying not to be jealous as the baby was carried around. She did find some company at one of Cik Yim’s children’s places where a group of kids surrounded and played with her.

We also bumped into Cik Yah’s family and received an invitation to visit them at their place in JB. Perhaps we’ll visit them soon and who knows maybe have another BBQ by the swimming pool like the last time. Definitely better than just eating cookies.


~ by blackcadillac73 on October 20, 2007.

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