Birthday Party (La Sonora Poncena)

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Another night. Another visit. This time being Kak Mas’ place in Tampines for her son’s birthday celebration.

Children being the boisterous ones that they are, ran all over the place while the adults chatted and took turns holding the latest addition to Kak Mas’ family. I normally try to stay clear of holding any newborns as they look so fragile. Coaxed by Fadelinah into holding one last night, I tried my best not to accidentally ‘snap’ his head. Unknowingly, from a distance, someone was feeling jealous and looking intensely at me. It didn’t take long before a loud wail directed our attention to Ooyah. She was crying her lungs out after seeing Fadelinah and I holding the baby. So kesian. After a few minutes of pacifying did she stop and we refrained from holding the baby again.

Stayed for a few hours while the women did their thing and the men focused their attentions on the television, watching the Manchester United against Middlebrough match. Not a big fan of both but tonight is a different thing altogether. It’s Arsenal against Liverpool. Can’t wait to see the Gooners whip the fools asses.


~ by blackcadillac73 on October 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “Birthday Party (La Sonora Poncena)”

  1. “I pity the fool. I pity the fool! I really do!!”

    😛 pffft!!

  2. Banyak sangat makan kacang pool … padang sendiri pun tak boleh menang! Buat malu je … balik kampunglah Liverpool!

  3. ooyah kasi jeling sekali *shivers*

  4. Jelingan maut … don’t play play!

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