Fish Out Of Water (Chris Squire)

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We celebrated Long’s and Fizah’s birthdays last night at Naked Fish Shoppe in The Grassroots’ Club. Been wanting to go there for quite a while but never managed to find the place. Yio Chu Kang is definitely not a place we’re familiar with. The restaurant is almost similar to Fish & Co and The Manhattan Fish Market; serving seafood and other popular dishes. The decor though seems outdated and tacky. Price-wise, definitely cheaper than the other 2 mentioned, with a Halal-certification to boot. The owner is supposedly an ex-MP, though I can’t say I recognise him.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meals, especially the seafod platter. I especially liked the souffle that the owner’s wife personally made. Whereas for Fizah, her gifts made it all the merrier and Ooyah was demanding food from everyone while sitting at the head of the table. This girl whacks anything that she fancies.

The restaurant may lack in ambience, but it was made up for with friendly staff to the point that the boss even served us complimentary drinks and asked us not to hurry although it was closing time. Will definitely return to the place.


~ by blackcadillac73 on October 29, 2007.

8 Responses to “Fish Out Of Water (Chris Squire)”

  1. wow, at least some operators realize that good service can make all the difference, eh?

  2. Just one of those rare places that value their customers, unlike most who are only interested in making quick sales.

  3. look at the 4th pic. *drool drool drool*

    oopss…*wipes drool off keyboard*

  4. Drool eh? Kat KL apa kurangnya? Lagi power!

    Tunggu nanti kita invade KL this December. 🙂

  5. sounds good. we’re tinking of trying there too since it’s only 2 mrt stop from bishan and best part is it’s halal certified too.

  6. Dekat je ngan Bishan. Definitely worth the money.

  7. It’s open to the public? Wow, I want to go! Near my place lah… 😀 The dishes look really delish!

  8. You should go and try the place. Great service and food is commendable. 🙂

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