Gold Plated (Climax Blues Band)

ris1.jpg ris2.jpg ris3.jpg ris5.jpg

The family invaded Risis at Centrepoint last night, since their staff who attended to us the last time we were there called to inform of the store’s new promotions. Risis is a local brand that specialises in gold and silver plated decorative items and accessories. Their trademark being real orchids dipped in gold. The women made a beeline for the accessories as the staff took out whatever she thought that would interest them. Nothing there for me, though I did grab a trinket box that came with any purchase above $80; the necklace and locket set for Ooyah including bracelet for Fadelinah basically covered more than that amount. Don’t ask me why I would I need a trinket box. I’d probably store my batteries in them. 🙂

One item that I’m still eyeing at Risis is the pair of salt and pepper shakers shaped like a pair of birds. Quite beautiful and would look good on any dining table. I’ll buy it at 50% off Risis. There’s no way I’m paying $70 for them.


~ by blackcadillac73 on October 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “Gold Plated (Climax Blues Band)”

  1. those birdies are nice!

    alah, jealous lah ooyah yg cinonet pun dpt bling bling! hurhur

  2. I will get them birdies if they bring down the price. 😦

    Ooyah punya bling2 itik gembo2 je lah. Kecik molek cam dia.

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