The Kids Are Alright (The Who)

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Our small Hari Raya gathering started off around 2pm today with Fadelinah’s friend, Kak Shikin, being the first to come by together with her family. Ooyah seemed totally smittened with her husband and son and sat close to them as if they were such close buddies. Cheeky girl!

And the long-awaited meeting of Ajab, Ayeed, Nuha and Ooyah finally took place this afternoon. Pretty Nuha came first with her mum, Yati, both dressed in baju kurungs. A short while later, 2 handsome lads, Ajab and Ayeed, came a-knocking accompanied by their parents Moby and Trin. It didn’t take long before the kids warmed up to each other, playing with the toys scattered throughout the apartment. It’s great to finally be able to meet them in person after so long and to know their individual characters.

Kefli’s family was the next to drop by and by that time, the apartment resembled a play school with the children entertaining themselves doing their own things.

With Mak’s and Fadelinah’s tendency to go overboard with the food preparation, it was timely that the rest of the family came by later in the evening much to our relief.

After this gathering, I’ll need to re-consider a few things when organising something similar in the future.

  • Prepare early and not leave things to the last minute, like buying the wrong flour and forgetting the mozarella cheese leading to sub-standard roti jala and incomplete aglio olio pasta respectively.
  • Have more toys rather than food for the kids. They don’t really eat that much when playing among themselves.
  • Never to serve Hari Raya cookies again. Nobody ever touches them after the first week.

Our thanks to those who bothered to turn up, especially Trin who is due to deliver soon. Do let us know the moment B3 is out. And thanks to Yati for her belated birthday gift for Ooyah. Saw the same thing yesterday at Times The Bookshop. 🙂

To KKK, pardon my poor choice of birthday gifts for the kids. Ran out of time to get something better since I was left dumbfounded for hours staring at rows of books not knowing what children between 1 and 3 reads. I assure you the next ones will be better.


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 5, 2007.

10 Responses to “The Kids Are Alright (The Who)”

  1. nuha’s smitten with your cats, asik2 pergi dapur je. anyway, thanks for having us, food was sedaaap….betul punya labour of love. hope to reciprocate one day….errmm soon.

    the gift is fine, nanti bila tabung nuha dah penuh, we get her to belanja next KKK dinner date at mcDonald’s!

    hey, now that i’ve met ooyah, i think the hungry caterpillar is perfect for her! 😀

  2. Those ‘ghetto’ cats? Hope you didn’t take any pictures of that ‘dark secret’ of ours. I don’t want the SPCA knocking on my door. 😛

    I think an ice-cream parlour would be a better choice rather than McDonald’s since ‘you know who’ can’t get enough of it.

    That hungry wriggly caterpillar of ours need to be sent to etiquette class for girls. One might think that we don’t feed her enough judging from her appetite, though food is never lacking in our place.

  3. Tell Fad the ‘olio olio’ was excellent! We had a great time! And you’re right – lots of toys to keep the kids occupied so that the parents can enjoy themselves.

    Best! 😀

  4. Will forward your compliments to the cook.

    We’ll provide more wheels for inspection the next time Momo and Booboo come by. And cats that look like cats for Nuha. 😛

  5. gua jeles. JELES!

    your home looks so comfy, and as for those liplap lights, nunu would go gaga over them!

  6. Apakan daya awak tinggal di hujung tanjung. Kalau dekat mesti dah dijemput!

    Takpe … nanti kalau ada rezeki kita gi jumpa awak di Penang.

    Can’t wait to see Nunu!

  7. wah…got ghetto cats ah??
    Hawra will never wanna leave ur kitchen if she sees those cats.

  8. Errr … these ghetto cats are kinda funky … if you get my drift. Definitely not cat-competition material.

  9. Waaa..that’s a really happening gathering there…I like to spend time with the kids in a situation like that..lay around together with them watching the DVD..hehe

  10. You’d have a blast then since only cartoons were playing on the screen. However, the kids seemed more interested in the rides.

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