Here Live No Fish (Tango No. 9)

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With Ooyah’s constant fascination with anything resembling a fish these days, we thought of buying her a small aquarium. Ever since she saw those live fishes in the tanks at Sheng Siong, she would point to any picture of a fish and say ‘Ish’ excitedly. As today was my day off, we decided to head to Parkway Parade with Ibu, knowing that there is a pet shop nearby that sells them, as well as other furry animals. We did some window shopping at Parkway Parade first, thinking that it would be a better idea to buy the aquarium right before we leave the place.

As usual, going to the shopping centre would not be complete without stopping by Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Upon re-entering the shopping centre, we saw a group of toddlers running about a particular spot. It turned out that there was some kind of games projection on the floor that would react accordingly when anyone kicked the small elements around. Most of the toddlers playing were boys and since Ooyah has yet to walk, she gamely ‘cheered’ the rest from the fringe. So ecstatic was she that she cried when we thought that she has had enough and pulled her away to continue our journey. It took some pacifying from a group of kids nearby to calm her down.

Parkway Parade is my favourite shopping centre in Singapore and there seem to be some interesting new tenants. Olio Dome has already moved into the ex-Pacific Coffee Company site and Borders will be taking over the previous MPH location. We spent a few hours checking some of them. One tenant that should move out is Delifrance. The food we had tasted really salty. From the wedges, soup and even the tuna sandwich. Something funny is going on in the kitchen. 

When we did reach the pet shop, I enquired on a few models and upon seeing that the decent-looking ones cost more than $250, I told the staff attending to me that I was only looking for one that would be enough to house a few guppies. He then brought me around the shop telling me other stuff that were needed for a proper aquarium, basically the filter, light, gravel, plant and a few bottles of chemical to ensure that the fishes would take well to the water. He had originally quoted me around $65 for the whole thing and just as I was about to make the purchase, his colleague at the counter quoted me $115, saying that there were some mistakes in the prices.

$115 for a round glass bowl with the necessities and 5 guppies. I then asked him if it was alright for the guppies to be placed back in their tanks and left the place. The thing is I would probably have paid that sum if it had been mentioned to me earlier on. What I cannot tolerate is sales people who can’t do their job properly.


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “Here Live No Fish (Tango No. 9)”

  1. alamak..mahal jugak sey..
    thot of getting a bowl + 2 goldfish for aisyah.
    eh, toncet ooyah dah panjang eh. hehe.

  2. It’s not as easy and cheap as it seems. Then again, the sales staff could just be trying to make extra commission.

    Toncet dia macam bunga. Bila dah lama2 nanti layu. Hehehe …

  3. $115?? err…baik pegi pancing dekat East Coast lagi bagus…hehe

  4. Pancing kat East Coast? Ada ikan ke? Tayar buruk adalah.

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