Big Fish (Danny Elfman)

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In search of Ooyah’s fish tank, we decided to visit a few places dealing in aquariums last Thursday, especially those in Lim Chu Kang. The first one we went to was Farmart Centre. Actually, after a quick lunch and exploration of the place, we had no idea what they really specialise in. What we saw were rows of small shops selling limited species of pets here and there with most of the tenants hawking items like quail eggs, sugar cane and water fountains. The smell coming from some of the pet shops were bad enough for us not to even browse further. One thing that baffled me was a wine bar located next to their so-called food court. Of all places.

We then left to visit a place called Fish City, where we figured we would be able to get what we needed. Alas, it was the same old scenario. A few shops selling fishes which were to big to fit into the tank we had in mind, manned by uninterested staff. That was enough for us to call it a day and just head to Marina Square for some window-shopping. Ooyah had to make do by viewing the fishes in one of the tanks in the shopping centre.

I did buy her a tank the next day. A small one with integrated pump and filter, as well as lighting. Since the sales staff told me a chemical needed to be added to the water and let rest for 24 hours, the fishes can only be placed inside the following day. Kesian my baby. All excited and shouting out “Ish! Ish!” when she saw the tank only to see lighted murky water inside it.

Well … as of last night. The fish tank is running perfectly, with 25 Neon Tetras and 2 Dwarf Gouramis, accessoried with 2 artificial plants and a driftwood. The 2 bigger fishes are Singaporeans and the 25 smaller ones are Malaysians. Fadelinah ‘imported’ them in last night from JB. 😛

It’s actually kind of therapeutic watching the fishes in the aquarium. I wonder why I didn’t have it sooner. I’m already thinking of getting another tank to house marine fish.


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 11, 2007.

14 Responses to “Big Fish (Danny Elfman)”

  1. Waa..I am planning to buy one medium size ‘balang’ with around 5 fishes. but still thwarted by many financial obstacles..huhu

  2. Errr … balang tu apa?

    Tak payah beli ikanlah, kat Tasik Titiwangsa mesti ada. Kalau tak dapat pancing sekor dua, dapat pancing awek2 kat sana. Kata orang bujang.

  3. q for ooyah…ooyah tgk ikan2 ke ikan2 tgk ooyah? hehe.

  4. Wahhh! Q belly the chim lah.

    Tunggu Ooyah meeting ngan furry friends dia dulu … nanti baru dia jawab.

  5. eh apadah balang pun tak tau. *looks at fad* 😆
    dah dapat pun ‘ISH’ si ooyah ni. no need to kempunan already. psst…gouramis tu macam ikan gurame eh?

  6. Agaknyalah. Satu dah gol dah … ada kat kitchen sink.

    Nak masak style apa? Sweet and sour? Black pepper? Atau nak goreng tegak ngan mulut tarik kasi lagi lebar cam clown? 😉

  7. itu kasi skanky cat makan pun diaorang tolak tepi. tak selera langsung! leper jer…. 😉

  8. Yah lor hah. All these leper fishes always full of crap lah hor.

  9. Wah..sampai jugak hajat si kecik kiter tu nak simpan ‘ish’ kat rumah. Baik awak berdua kira ikan-ikan tu tiap hari. Nampak kat gambar tu..Si kecik macam tengah plan nak suruh nenek dier masak ajer;’ISH goreng ker …masak sup ISH ker’. Nanti kurang pulak collection ‘ISH’ dier 🙂

  10. So far 1 Gourami dah dibuat sweet and sour Thai style … 2 Neons dah dibuat sliced fish soup. Tengok apa order Ooyah hari ni. Dengar dia nak makan sushi.

  11. She is such a cutie! Enjoy her while you can. Wont be long till she reaches 12. 😉

  12. I think her cuteness is at its prime right now.

    When she reaches 12? Hhmmm … I’ll be having more grey hair then trying to ward off pimply teenage boys from coming near her.

  13. Ha. Good luck! Ive been there, trust me. 😉 BTW, I just simply love your posts!

  14. Thanks. 🙂

    Will be checking up on yours as well, especially on them KL food. Simply too many eateries not ‘conquered’ … YET.

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