Brilliant From Birth (Bee Gees)

nuh2.jpg nuh3.jpg nuh4.jpg nuh6.jpg

B3 is finally out.

Our heartiest congratulations to the proud parents Moby and Trin. After 2 boys, having a girl completes the whole picture. We visited them at National University Hospital last evening after I finished work. Bumped into Moby at the main entrance together with his cousin Hafiz and wife, before heading to the room where B3’s grandparents and Yati were already waiting.

As always, as the toddlers went about touching and falling over each other, the adults had their eyes fixed on the newborn. A beautiful one at that with a beautiful name to match, Maya Nadirah.


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Brilliant From Birth (Bee Gees)”

  1. toddlers galore! 😀
    si moby tak abis2 dgn camera dier.

  2. Yeah … toddlers everywhere. One trying to make friends with everyone, one trying to evade another karate chop and one trying to walk due to peer pressure. 🙂

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