Hard Disk Letters (Chris Bucheit)

Today is ‘I-have-no-idea-what-to-do’ day.

Stepped into the showroom this morning and was out again in an hour to do a site measurement at The Waterside. A quick discussion with the owner and I was back at the showroom in no time. As my army reservist training starts this Monday, I wanted to clear any outstanding project issues before I suck the Government balls yet again for 2 weeks.

To my dismay, my external hard disk drive where all my project files are stored wouldn’t start as I proceeded to amend the drawings. Dismantled the whole thing to see if anything was faulty but could only assume that ‘the-thing-in-front-of-the-casing-where-the-wires-go-into’ was the cause. Hoping that a change in the casing would solve the problem, I then headed to Plaza Singapura to buy a replacement. No luck as the place is not known for computer parts and accessories. The nearest place where I might be able to get one was Funan Centre. Headed there next and asked a few sales staff for help. Most mentioned terms like IDE, SATA, SCSI, FIREWIRE and other computer jargons and asked which type I was looking for. My response … “I have no idea. I just want THAT to be placed inside THIS so that I can retrieve the information inside.” … while pointing to pictures displayed in the shops. I guess I can’t really blame them if they can’t help me due to the lack of information. Gizmo Geek I am … Computer Nerd I’m not.

2 hours later I returned to the showroom without a single purchase and found myself taskless. So what’s a moonlighting blogger to do in such a situation? 🙂

~ by blackcadillac73 on November 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “Hard Disk Letters (Chris Bucheit)”

  1. Blog? It’s good to have these kinds of days sometimes – time to veg out. Just enjoy it.

  2. Errr … I usually veg out for 2 hours everyday. 8 hours can be a tad much. 😉

  3. That thing is called USB port… rectangular’ish, right? Has to be lah, coz what else, other than power port. Anyway if the USB port kapoot, then the only other way is to replace the entire casing with a new one.

    Good luck! And have fun at the reservist!! 🙂

    PS: Going to try out that fish restaurant at Yio Chu Kang u blogged a few weeks ago. Will let u know how that goes.

  4. Replaced already liao. But stylo mylo a bit … got light one. 😛

    Fun doing reservist? I think you got the wrong person. I’m not that crazy.

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