Andy Warhol (Dana Gillespie)

I start my 2-week army reservist training tomorrow and at the thought of killing my brain cells doing mundane useless tasks with sweaty and smelly comrades, not to mention, nicotine overdose, I decided to give the artistic side of my brain a boost this afternoon. Visited ‘A Is For Andy’; an Andy Warhol Exhibition held at Theatreworks along Mohamed Sultan Road. It was the last day of the exhibition and the very first time in Singapore that many of his works were made available for viewing.

Quite a crowd had gathered near the entrance when I reached the place, viewing and buying silk screen prints of the pop art icon’s works that were produced on-the-spot and sold from $10 onwards. Thought of getting one myself but could hardly get past the group of people in front. Instead, I went into the gallery area to view the art pieces before joining a tour guided by an international art expert.

Saw a few which were already sold earlier in the private viewing for SC Global’s clients and contacts. A print of Liz Tailor was one of those sold, helped no doubt by the recent windfall for actor Hugh Grant who sold his at a profit of around US$21 million. I wonder who bought that piece in the gallery. The rest of the works that were still available had price tags starting from US$100,000; quite affordable I think for those wealthy types who could look at the purchases as worthwhile investments given the weak US Dollar these days. Remember that Hugh Grant originally bought his at slightly above US$3 million. Ordinary folks like me can only afford poster prints. My favourites at the exhbition were Moonwalk, Superman and Mickey Mouse.

The visitors were made up of fans, art students and the occasional passers by. Different interpretations from different folks. While art lovers would try and interpret the message conveyed through the art pieces, I overheard the security guards discussing how best to prepare the Campbell soup while looking at Campbell Soup. 🙂


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Andy Warhol (Dana Gillespie)”

  1. Good luck with reservist – again….. coincidentally, my brother is also going for reservist on the same day as you – ofcourse, he was cursing and packing his stuff yesterday.

  2. Same day huh? Jurong Camp also?

    Maybe we’ll bump into each other without realising it. I’ll be guarding the 3 messes there, making sure the fish and chips and chicken chops are prepared right.

    Make fries not war!

  3. hahah – not sure exactly what he’s doing. I know for the past week, he came home a couple of times at night for short times and next week he’s on some 4day 3 night exercise on some island. Sounds like a holiday – but I’m sure he’ll beg to differ hahha
    Hang in there – not long to go.

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