The Cowards Anthem (The Urban Sophisticates)

Let’s cut to the chase. While there are interesting blogs out there, there are also lame ones; of which posts on this particular blog of mine are occasionally guilty of. Then again, I’m not blogging for fans but rather as a personal diary with updates for close friends and relatives. Occasionally, I do say bad things about a few individuals, be it a public figure, a blogger or somebody related in more ways than one, and have received brickbats from their allies. Not many … just 3 at the last count. The thing is I honestly believe that I deserve to say crap about them for the amount of crap they themselves have been churning out. Making more enemies within their circle of friends is secondary as long as I get it off my chest. You can’t please everybody so why bother? On the flipside, I have also made friends through some of these blog posts.

Lest one is a newbie in the blogging scene, one would have noticed the cliques among the local bloggers and the occasional blog wars between them. It’s like one freaking soap opera. You have the elite-wannabes, the kucing-kurap-showbiz-groupies, the cam-whores, the politic-koteks, th money-making-freaks and also the mamas and papas. Through the online slanderings, some even closed their blogs altogether. Almost everybody is fair game.

However, that’s where the attacks should stop. Passing snide remarks about your nemesis is one thing, ridiculing their family members is another, especially when they have nothing to do with the ‘war’ to begin with. The common method that these morons employ would be to post sarcastic or degratory comments anonymously or under random nicknames. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where they came from. I’ve even read of babies being made fun of. That’s simply uncalled for and extremely low class. The fact that these morons still hold a grudge even after so long with accomplices to help in their attacks, speaks volumes of their lack of maturity and obvious stupidity. These idiots should just concentrate on improving their own miserable lives rather than try to ‘assist’ others in theirs. And there’s only so much socially-responsible sermons one can take before it gets tiresome and hypocritical, especially coming from people who are hardly role models.

The local blogging community is closely-knit. Usually someone’s nemesis ironically happens to be his own friend’s acquaintances. So should a rotten apple spoil the whole batch in the basket? Not really but there are those who think so. I’ve learnt my lesson and generally do not leave comments on anybody’s blog who is related to some of these morons, even though I think they’re neutral and we might actually become friends. There’s always that little risk that I could be wrong.

Get on with your lives people. The show’s long over and the popcorn has gone stale.


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 21, 2007.

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