In The Army Now (Status Quo)

What was supposed to be my 2 week army reservist training was almost abruptly cut short by the battalion. With the influx of men from other units, the battalion figured that those under medical excuses were redundant and were told to be out processed; meaning that they had to join other units for make up training. A prospect I would rather avoid knowing that would mean further extension of my military obligations. Like most, I appealed against the decision and was lucky enough to be one of those retained in my company while the rest had to pack their belongings and return home. So throughout the duration, I was either attached to the brigade RSM for miscellaneous duties or resting in the bunk. Not too bad actually. Easier life, less hassles.

While the machoistic pricks out there might scoff at the idea, let’s just say I’ve been through the whole shenanigans with 2 best combat units, active and reservist, so it’s about time I get my time of idleness. Especially after years of going all out while ‘keng kings’ sleep their asses off like a pack of pigs and gambling the nights away. Definitely no snide remarks should come out from anyone who served their national service in the police or civil defence forces. Period.

Although I can’t say I enjoy being cooped up in camp doing useless tasks, some of the people I had the pleasure of conversing with did struck a chord in my otherwise ignorant heart. Like one guy who said that he would rather be out processed though unwillingly to work due to his tight financial situation, earning daily pays as a barber. His facial expression clearly relaying the difficulties he was facing especially with the birth of his child less than a month ago. Another guy who would easily be mistaken for an Abu Sayyaf member with his long beard, recounted the sacrifices he and his wife had to make by sending their 3 kids to study in religious schools in Malaysia, since there was hardly any concrete Islamic education locally. Really nothing to fuss about except for the fact that they were sent at 5 years old, with expectations for them to reach Mufti standards by the age of around 45. I have to hand it to him for his belief and stance but I don’t think I’ll have the heart nor resilience to do that to Ooyah. It takes knowing people like them to really know where your real priorities lie in life and to be grateful for what you already have.

On a quirky note, there are some characters in my company whose presence still baffles me. There’s one who had the balls to argue with the MO, OC and CO face to face when told to out process as he wasn’ required due to certain reasons. He probably has mental issues due to the fact that he wanted to smash the CO’s office windows if he wasn’t allowed to stay. Another quack has the tendency to smile non-stop and will pole-dance for you if paid $2. Needless to say, he never has to go outfield but spend his days during reservist training freaking people off. The bottomline is that crazy people are untouchables due to past cases of people getting killed during training by some of them.

Crazy people aside, I had great company in Chua and Shah. The former keeping things easy by having his worker delivered McDonald’s meals and cigarettes while we were stuck on cemetery grounds late at night. The latter chatting the nights away in the bunk while we overdosed on nicotine and fries.

This was probably my most relaxed ICT ever though I did feel bad after looking at my platoon mates exhausted faces when they returned from training. I guess I’ll join them the next time irregardless whether or not my medical excuse is extended by SGH.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “In The Army Now (Status Quo)”

  1. Welcome back – my favourite blogging bluddy 🙂 – you are a faithful contributer to my blog stats (which is so low) hehe

  2. It feels good to be back.

    Low stats isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means only your friends and family read it. Unless you want to take the easy road … you can just upload controversial posts and see the stats skyrocket. 🙂

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