Holiday Harmony (America)


Embarking on another road trip to Kuala Lumpur this morning. Will be back on Thursday.

Hopefully no riots will throw my food hunt off course.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 2, 2007.

12 Responses to “Holiday Harmony (America)”

  1. Riot sua abis lah …. semua dalang2 dah kena tangkap kan? So …. have a good food hunt, ya!

  2. Wow, what a picture – absolutely fantastic.
    I’m back in business again; just to let you know, missed writing humour and starting again with new material and new look. This is your official invitation (thanks for the support all along), and I will see you over there. If you wanted to check out my other blog for a quick peek:

    Hope you enjoyed your trip, take care. Suz

  3. moby, the hunt has begun. Laksa Shack … done! Nando’s … done! Tomorrow more will fall!

  4. suz50, will be checking your new blog soon. Looking forward to your humorous updates. 😉

  5. You’re just trying to make me jealous – and drool – thinking about all the food that I CAN’T have 😦 – can’t wait to come back and pig out too!

  6. Come back and pig out lah! But head straight to Kuala Lumpur. Don’t waste your time in Singapore. In the mean time, we’ll eat more on your behalf. 😎

  7. so, dah berapa banyak tempat makan kena serbu? 😀

  8. yah yah :p – i hope to soon, maybe in March next year. Anyway, what are you doing blogging on your holiday ah!!!

  9. zalin, banyak dah kena serbu. Your favourite 1901 is one of them. 😉

  10. bavani, I only check my blog after returning to the hotel around midnight lah. One of the advantages of having an internet-ready mobile.

  11. oh, and don’t forget to include Fish&Co in your ‘serbu’ list ok! hehe

    give my hugs to Ooyah cutie & Schweet Fada 🙂

  12. Errr … tak minat Fish & Co lah. Berlambak kat Singapore. I like them red meat. 🙂

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