Road Trip (Girl Authority)

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What was originally planned to be a 2 nights stay at Maya Hotel for the 3 of us, turned into a 4 nights stay at Micasa All Suite Hotel once the rest of the family joined in. The objective at hand remained unchanged; to patronise as many cafes and restaurants as possible within the duration. It’s Kuala Lumpur, exuding almost the same atmosphere as Singapore but with one major X-factor. The food. It’s a good feeling to be able to go into almost any eatery without having to check if it serves Halal dishes, as in the meat and not for the entire place to be certified. I’m not THAT anal.

Quite a few new upmarket residences and shopping centres have sprouted in Kuala Lumpur and its fringe. The latest one which we were always at daily due to its proximity to our hotel was The Pavilion. Definitely a notch above the rest along Bukit Bintang strip, especially with its impressive Food Republic food court where almost every Continental and Asian dishes were sold at mainstream prices. The rest of the restaurants that we patronised at the shopping centre included Nando’s, YO! Sushi and Tony Roma’s. The list of cafes that we also ventured into is too long to mention (1901 rocks!). I especially like YO! Sushi for its fresh sashimi and wide array of sushi. Tony Roma’s goes without saying as being an experience in itself with its succulent beef ribs and excellent waiting staff. Ooyah had a ball laughing her lungs out as she was entertained and carried around the restaurant by the waitresses.

We also managed to visit Eye On Malaysia, a giant ferris wheel around 20-storeys high towering over Taman Titiwangsa. Well worth the RM15 ticket price as our cabin oscillated the wheel 5 times, though a few in our group thought the ride was a bit too long. Dusk was already approaching halfway through our ride and the view was quite breathtaking. My only gripe about the Eye On Malaysia attraction would be the ridiculous public toilet nearby that admits only one at a time, so you can just imagine the queue. The management really need to improve on its accessibility soon or risk the surrounding trees being peed upon.

We also had time to visit One Utama and The Curve during our trip. I remember the former being an almost monthly hangout a couple of years ago and surprised by its expansion. The latter is the latest shopping centre in Damansara, less than a kilometre away from One Utama but offering more than just retail shops and eateries. Judging from the number of celebrities we spotted within just 2 hours of walking its grounds, it is THE hangout. Just sitting a few tables from us at Marche were Umie Aida, Erra Fazira and her hubby. Most of the other stars spotted also dressed-down like them and kept as low a profile as possible, except for Norish Karman. Singaporean blood what … kucing-kurap actress also must act like star-karat. 😉

On the whole, it was an enjoyable trip though amidst all the food hunting, I forgot to get what I originally went to Kuala Lumpur for; Satay Kajang. Never mind … just another excuse to return to Kuala Lumpur for the 3 of us, foreseeing that it’s rather difficult to synchronise all our schedules. A train trip for a restless Ooyah. A 2 nights stay at The Royale Bintang Damansara for easier access to great restaurants at your doorstep.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 7, 2007.

10 Responses to “Road Trip (Girl Authority)”

  1. Hah! 1901 rocks, kan? kan? kan? 😀

  2. It sure rocks. No wonder somebody tried to replicate it at home. 🙂

  3. I put on weight every time I go to KL. I miss KL! I wanna go to KL!!! I want food! FOOOOOD!!!

  4. Go! Go! Go!

    Whack every restaurants that you see there. The bill won’t kill. At least for most people lah. 😉

  5. I love the photos at your flickr site 🙂 – SO MANY – that’s what I do too – go crazy with the camera.

  6. Those are only one third of what I took. Blame it on Flickr’s 100MB maximum upload per month.

    Really need to get a better camera than my crappy Sony for better shots.

  7. I found your blog! Thanks for dropping by at my site.

  8. Thanks for dropping by mine as well. 🙂

  9. Wow, Tony Romas. I remember it well – took my mother there for her birthday, had the beef ribs – yummm – ever so good, except I ended up with more BBQ sauce on my face than on the ribs. Nice and messy, and ordered more nappies for the cleanup, but soooo worth it. Haven’t been back, but now I got it in my head again.

  10. Tony Roma’s is just good old messy yummy fun ain’t it? Still craving for it actually. 😛

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