Run Baby Run (Rc5)

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All that worry about Ooyah not being able to walk on her own 2 feet practically disappeared late last month. Truth be told, she’s getting to be quite a handful these days with her demands to walk by herself unassisted, at times climbing up and down staircases while holding on to the railings. The 3 strollers at home no longer serve their purpose and I hope I can pass them to someone else who need them. As our apartment is no longer big enough for her, we had to resort to bringing her to a baby gym. Signed her up as a member at Gymboree last Friday.

We have yet to let her attend the introductory class, but merely let her run free trying out the various play features in the gym. So far so good. She gets her workout with our assistance and mixes well with the other kids. Too well in fact. Calling out “kak” to older girls while flashing her megawatt smile and beckoning them to come over. Most kids her age just stand still and look on cautiously, though a few did reciprocate her advances. She also does this weird thing at the slide, whereby she would climb up from the slippery side and suddenly collapse on it so that she’ll slide back down … repeatedly.

I do have a problem with the management’s socks-only policy; always in my usual pair of Tevas and forgetting to bring my socks, I have to buy a new pair before entering the play area every time. I guess I’ll soon have a collection of ‘worn-once-only-Bear-socks’.

It’ll likely be a routine from now onwards every time we go to Vivocity; let her play for an hour at Gymboree before embarking on our tour of Page One bookstore and other shops. By the way, Ooyah’s joined the Crocs-philes with her little pink Mickey Mouse pair. Comfortable with better grip I suppose and should be safe as long as we don’t let her step on any escalator. 😉


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 14, 2007.

6 Responses to “Run Baby Run (Rc5)”

  1. aha! another crocs-phile! we MUST take a photo together someday…hee hee. yay all the kiddos can run now (with the exception of maya of course)…time for another outing perhaps? 😀

  2. Yeah … take a picture of the kids running and stumbling around wearing their Crocs. Errr … I think one of the adults can join as well. 😉

    Whose turn is it to organise the next outing? *points finger at oxymoron*

  3. Eh! Momo no crocs yet lah.

    Oh, I have a post about his Bobux shoes coming up. Very nasty blister! Bloody Bobux!

  4. Aiyahhh … how to join the gang like that?

    Bobux = blister??? Do I hear a lawsuit coming up? 😮

  5. ooyah’s still getting the hang of gg down the slides liddat/ nunu goes down the slide tunnel on her tummy too.. .maybe she’s seriau of the dark space.

  6. Too bad the slide couldn’t take the weight her Papa. Sure looked like fun sliding down that way. 😛

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