I Am Not My Hair (India Arie)

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What’s the correct term for ‘majlis upacara cukur rambut’ in English? Hair shaving gathering???

Anyway, we attended one such occasion last Saturday night after I finished work. Wish Fadelinah had reminded me earlier as I wasn’t exactly dressed for it; in my worn-out T-shirt and jeans as I had half expected to go down for a site inspection that particular day. The baby in the spotlight was Radiah’s, an ex-classmate of Fadelinah’s.

As the norm for such things, the place was packed with their relatives and I had no idea who was related to who and just join the rest of the family in another room. Ooyah had to steal the limelight from other babies as usual with her ‘duck walk’ and laughter, much to the amusement of Radiah’s relatives. Sampled some food that they had catered and stayed for about an hour before making our exit.

Without fail, the conversation topic in the car always shift towards comparing the size of HDB maisonettes that our relatives and friends stay in, after having been inside one. How some areas of the maisonette appear smaller than someone else’s. I think it all boils down to how the walls are configured when in reality they don’t differ in size that much. It’s strange though how some maisonettes cost lesser than executive apartments, although being bigger in size. Definitely a factor when we decide to move in a few years’ time.

We later dropped by Changi Airport Terminal 2’s Pacific Coffee Company for drinks while en route home. Always such a lousy feeling when seeing others leaving for their destinations and wondering when our turn will come.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 17, 2007.

8 Responses to “I Am Not My Hair (India Arie)”

  1. “seeing others leaving for their destinations and wondering when our turn will come”

    Or reading about others gorging on so much yummy food in KL on their blogs! 😛

    Our turn …. *sigh* ….

  2. Your turn will come soon lah. Just takes a reasonable amount of planning and not wait till the last minute. 😉

  3. Sarah is looking so cute and pretty in her stylo milo outfit 🙂

  4. She is the family’s fashionista!

    All thanks to the clothes her mum bought and those ‘somebody’ gave her. 😉

  5. Well, she better enjoy it while it lasts – before her Papa starts monitoring what she wears before she goes out to meet the boys 🙂

  6. Boys? They’ll need to meet her Papa’s approval first, including that of his sidekick Mr Louisville Slugger.

  7. i notice that fad looks especially ravishing nowadays (not to say that she was bad looking before this)… but what’s the secret eh?

  8. The secret? Having a ‘forever young’ hubby. Chebahhhhhh!!! *masuk dalam bakul angkat sendiri*

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