Concertina (Tori Amos)


The tickets have been bought.

We’ll be going for The Police concert come 4th February at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, together with Jarrod and Geetha. Yeah … quite an old group who recently reunited. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t really care less about the other 2 if not for THE MAN himself, Sting. Keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll be performing either ‘Shape Of My Heart’ or ‘Fragile’ although they weren’t The Police’s hits to begin with but created during his solo career. We didn’t fork out for the $148 to $600 priced seats, but the easy-on-the-pocket ones of $98; at the best viewing angle possible. The seats in front of ours are going for $200, so it doesn’t make sense to splurge the extra dollars, unless we get to meet the group in person after the concert.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched any foreign acts perform live in Singapore. The last being those Cuban greats. Who knows … maybe we’ll even go for his a fortnight after The Police.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 18, 2007.

4 Responses to “Concertina (Tori Amos)”

  1. We is wants to go to ‘his’ concert. So very tempting …. but the Police …. oh man!! Why do they always come so close to each other??

  2. Santana’s concert looks good too. Then again … The Police has never performed in Singapore as a group. Just those once in a lifetime occasion.

  3. waahhhhh! dengan pantas! i’m still looking for kakis to go with. OLD kakis 😆

  4. Go lah!!! Don’t wait till the last minute! 😉

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